Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween <-- a lazy Saturday.

Whats up yall? Happy Halloween and what not. Hope all the little and big kids are safe. As for me? I have a big ole bottle of 190 proof beside me that might be empty in the morning. I ain't goin' nowhere. The parties already here! LOL  I don't feel like partying anyway so I'mma follow my desires and do what the hell I want to do. Sit here and chill. I be feeling like a downer sometimes when I'm not excited about stuff that everyone else is. Halloween was cool when I was 6? But at this age, holidays are just an excuse to get drunk and I never needed one ;)

Ya know, lately I've been everyone's love guru. Ya know what i've learned from that? People got some LOW ass standards. Hell, even if you just tryna have a physical relationship (which is often the case..) I think you still should have some requirements or somethin! These bitches that my friends have been trying to get hooked up with? The first one's a ho... The second one? Dumb as rocks... and I've turned down both of these females in the not so distant past... so I don't want to hook up my homies with 'em do I?

Had a good time with my white husband last night. He let me choose what he wore to the club.. I def had him lookin' flyyyyyyy. He's a good guy, real talk. Gonna turn me into a spoiled brat if I let him. I usually got work spoiled status in.. He already got it goin!

My mom just came and chilled with me for a minute on the way to Indy for her friends b-day party. I was glad to see her. I can really talk to her about stuff that I'm feeling. She's coming back through tomorrow on the way to twist my hair. 

I tell yall that I'm trying to change my cell phone habits? Yall, I send/receive 'round 250+ texts a day! I really think its shrinking my sanity. I'm doing better, and my sanity's growing. It was cool when I was young and enjoyed meaningless conversation but now? I don't like people.. My cuzzo told me that was why I was getting grey hairs in teenagerdom.. All them people I deal with. I gotta shrink that... So if I don't respond to ya texts or answer my fone? Don't take it personal. Well, maybe you should cause yo ass stresses me out! LOL, but for real.. Its about me, not you. 

My sanity is my responsibility. Not yours. 

Yall, there's a buzzing in my ear that be driving me CRAZY. I think its sinus issues... I might have to pull out this netti pott. Get you one, see if your life don't change for the better. I'd endorse a netti pott by the KKK. Thats how crucial it is... 

Alright yall, back to enjoying my lazy Saturday and ignoring my all texts and calls. Have a happy save Halloween!

Song of the Day: "Doin' Just Fine" Boys II men..

"Getting along very well.. without you in my life...." <--True Story. 


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