Thursday, July 30, 2009

I need to write! [poem]

I need to write!
The pen keeps callin’ my name but I ignore it!
I need ta write…
But I have ‘so much to do’
seas of excused I’m swimmin’ thru
Keepin’ me from my pen..
Holdin all my feelings within…
I need to write!
So I can keep my cool
and not shake the shit outta you!
I need to write
So when I’m calm,
I can be the calmest.
I’m worried about shit…
but I know when my words swim through blue seas
It changes perspectives
I needa write!

© 2009 *Star Fresh!

Monday, July 20, 2009

10 random questions..

Ok folks, upon reading my previous entries I realize that I owe you a 'good' music blog and a 'how not to throw up from drunkness' blog... In due time. Yall know I don't do stuff in order. I haven't forgot.. but I might need reminders..

Anywho today, I'm going to answer 10 random questions... I got these from my girl Kia's blog. She's following me, check her out. Alright, presenting.. 10 random questions about..... me!

1. What is one thing that if taken away from you will make Carrie not Carrie?
Not that it can be taken away... but my relationship with God and my faith in Jesus Christ would totally make me a different person. I attribute a lot of things about myself to my relationship with Him.

2. What is one thing you must do before you turn 30?
Have my masters in.... something! LOL

3. What song describes your life up til right now?
Hold on.. I must consult iTunes for this one..... "Through the Wire" Kanye West.. I used to listen to this song almost every morning.. just because I'm going through the wire to get to wear I need to just like Kanye's talking about in his song... There are alot of songs actually.. but for the sake of time and boredum.. I'll just use Kanye..

4. If someone told you the world was about to end what would you run out and do?
I wouldn't believe them.. cause God only knows when that happens... but.. I live every day like I'm finna die.. So, I'd live my life and wait for God's will.

5. Growing up what was one thing you did that was no proper for a kid your age to do?
I had grown-up conversations with adults and cursed at times. I was quite the mature child... probably not a joy to be around.

6. Favorie dr suess book?
Hop on Pop.. Dr. Suess was a genius.

7. Whats one quote that speaks to you?
"God's will won't take you where God's grace won't keep you..."

8. Biggest regret and you can't say I don't have none cause you learn from..blah blah...
My biggest regret is getting into a 'realtionship' with... well, I won't name drop.. but.. the last relationship I was in with a certain female really just.. idk, hurt me bad.. I learned from it.. but I still regret that shit.

9. What's one thing that you have to have in your first house..
Lots of art... of all of my inspirations.

10. How bad do you crave the d?
I don't crave the 'D' often... Don't get me wrong, the D's great when I get it.. but if I crave anything... Its the soft curves of a woman.. sorry guys..

Well(p)... I'mma lay down with a good book.. my summer's quickly coming to a close.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

My most embarassing moment.

Alright folks. You know how people ask "Whats your most embarassing moment?" Well, up until this morning, I would always say.. "I don't get embarassed."

That has all changed folks... It all started last night when I consumed what was apparently too much vodka in a short period of time... with my two best friends no doubt.. Everyone in the house was passed out by 1... well hell, idk. I know I was passed out by one.. I THINK I woke up around 3am to use the bathroom and make sure the house was locked and the alarm was on... [mothergoose was away..] Then I woke up around 9am with HORRIBLE nausea.. I mean, the type of hangover where you like 'I'm never fucking drinking again...' My bestie was passed out on my air mattress... The room was spinning and everything was wayy to bright and loud...

I made a couple of trips to the bathroom, turned the air on full blast got me somethin cold to drink and went back to sleep... or tried... when my bestie woke up, I wanted to go to Sonic cause I hadn't ate anything the day before.. [[thats probably why my dumbass got drunk so fast and passed out... ]]

So, I thought I had taken care of my nausea with the first couple of trips to the bathroom, but apparently those were just the preliminaries... [Sorry, I'm trying not to be so graphic in case I have weak-stomached readers]

The longer I sat in Sonic's drive thru the sicker I got... By the time I pulled up to the speaker, I told my bestie.. 'yea.. i'm about to throw up' I could feel her looking at me because I was probably sweating bullets. I proceeded to open the door and by the time the girl asked me what my order was.. I was decorating Sonic's drive thru. So embarassing. My friend was rubbin my back and shit.. Not G behaviour.. In between um.. yea.. I told her "hold on" and she was like "Order when you're ready..."

My bestie.. always the humorous one.. was like.. "Is this bitch really throwing up?" I wanted to laugh.. but I was busy.. I got it together and proceeded to order. All I could eat was tater tots.. and my friend made me get a sprite

So yea, throwing up in Sonic's drive thru is definitely my most embarassing moment... Hope the girl wasn't listening to me on the speaker... cause she got an earful. My bestie was like "Why you embarassed? Its just me." I was like that ain't the point.. I'm a G and I can't be loosing last nights alcohol outta the wrong end in public.

Well, there you have it kids.. I'm using myself as an example. I follow up with a blog on how NOT to drink yourself into sickness...


Tuesday, July 14, 2009



Last night I went to go see Bruno. No one likes a good laugh more than me.. and yes, I did laugh at times. But... this movie just went to far. Cohen is a VERY talented actor... to be able to stay in character in those situations is no small feat.. But as a comedian, there are some things you must realize can NEVER be joked about.

In the beginning of the movie, he talked about Hitler like he was a damn movie star. I wish I remembered the direct quote... Something along the lines of.. "The first guy from Austria got rediculed because he wanted to try something new.." I don't think its EVER to make light of the Holocaust...

He tried to make sexual advances at Ron Paul, he made Paula Abdul sit on Mexican people, he traded an African baby for an iPod... THEN took a picture of him on a crucifix, he tried to get an Iraqi terriost group to kidnap him so he could become famous...

Frankly, some shit just isn't funny. I'm open-minded and I think its good to push boundries.. but he was just being distasteful for no reason...

Lets get famous for talent?


Sunday, July 12, 2009

Music. Part 1. The Bad.

I haven't blogged in ages.. I'm sorry. I've just been having some issues. Haven't really felt like myself. The depression has its bad days. I've had a slew. But a nigga ain't suicidal...

Went to church today, that gets harder and harder with each summer. My pastor died a year and a half ago. We still haven't seen a new pastor.. and the guys left... frankly can't preach. I never had a headache of boredum.. Pray for us.

Anywho, I've been on a music kick lately. Well, I'm always talking about the phenomenon we know as music. I don't listen to mainstream. Never turn on the radio.. cause when I do... I get mad. Today, I heard Charlie Wilson on a song with Lil Kim! and as much as I WANT to like "Birthday Sex" I just can't. We gonna ride out, fuck on your couch, sip moet and I don't get no candles or cake? Rewind.. whats wrong with that?

1. We gonna ride out and only end up at your house? If I'm getting cute and putting on my best gears [english speak for clothes] then we need to go to the club or somethin!

2. You gonna fuck me ON THE COUCH?! Its my damn birthday! Can I get a bed with some silk sheets, outside under a tree? SOMETHIN!

3. Sip Moet? If we only going to your house, fuckin on your couch AND I don't get candles or cake? I need something thats gonna FUCK ME UP... Where's Jose?!

All jokes aside.. The song sounds nice... But, ladies we really have to analyze these songs... And close our legs when things aren't up to par.

Next, Drake is fiiiiiinnnnneeee as hell.... Lil Wanye.. is not. Both are good rappers.. Their subject matter is just... "I wish I could fuck every girl in the world" Why? Your dick will fall straight off... I think I like that song a little tho.. The word play is too cute.. "Lesbihonest.." hehehehe

Ok, next entry... I'll talk about GOOD music.


Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Alrighty, let me get in here and write something.

I'm watching Tyra. I love her. She has too much of an opinion to be a host but it works. Yesterday she talked about kids who saw dead people, spirits and auras and what not. Good times. Its true.

Today, Ty's talking about mommas who snoop too much. This woman is taking it a little far. She gotta see niggas driver's lisences and sniffs her daughters when they come home? Naw... if you raising your kids right then they'll act right. This woman needs a man or something. I thought my mom was crazy. If you let your kids be who they are, then they'll become productive citizens. If you treat them like inmates, then they'll become inmates.

She don't want her 15 and 16 year olds to get horny? Shiiiiit!

Well(p), I just wanted to let yall know I'm not dead.