Monday, October 19, 2009

"You've lost your mind.." -HB

Hey yall, I know this isn't technically 2 entries in a day since it's 'round 2 in the morning.. BUT I haven't gone to sleep so my day ain't over.. just a technicality. You understand.

I was so happy to see the sunshine today. It's been dreary and cold in my city all week. I can't stand it. I feel like just laying in the bed and closing the blinds on those days.. 'specially when it gets good and cold. One day I'mma live somewhere that doesn't get under 60 and cloudless skies are part of the normalcy.. any suggestions?

Yall remember the virus I had? Made me miss a week of class so now I'm tryna play catch-up. I hate it and its overwhelming but I saw the light today. You just gotta find the most efficient way for you to work.. for whatever reason I have to multi-task. When I focus on only one thing I go so slow, but if I have 3 things to do infront of me, I put a dent in all of 'em within a couple of hours. The psychiatrist says someone shoulda diagnosed me with A.D.D. when I was younger so thats probably why. I'm the most distracted fool you'll ever meet.

Just got off the fone with HeartBreaker... she be pulling stunts yall... I think she's started to figure out the affect she has on me. She can puppy dog me via text and her hard cheeked ass knows I'll do anything when she (or her mini-me) puppy dogs me... I kept telling her that I was gonna get at her in an hour.. The last straw came when she said "call me now" and sent a sad-face.. Called her without thinking twice.. Then when I hung up with her I realized the STUNT she pulled.. I believe that was STUNT #238... ;) What can I say? I love me some her...

We argued a little on the fone. She had mad attitude and kept saying she 'didnt approve' but wouldn't tell me what she disproved of.  Yall shoulda seen the STANK faces I was giving her thru the phone. LOL, I even made it my fbook status.. Says she's gonna put me in a headlock... she must not know that I'm liteweight cock diesel and I used to lift chicks for a living.... We breifly talked about who 'else' I'm involving myself with. That got akward and heated..

I think we NEED to argue a little tho... I tell people a fight is the breakthrough in a relationship..seeing someone angry is usually the last thing you learn about a person. Its important. She told me to stop 'talking hard' at her. LOL Fact is, I don't raise my voice at any1 that I don't love...

Well folks, my back and my pelvis is hurting... but this nerve has stopped jumping in my hand (more on that later...)

Blogs that're coming soon... Gender & Identity Part 2: The Script.
Ya already got a song of the day.. but I'm currently listening to John Legend's "So High" off of his first album; Get Lifted. Good stuff.

"We can't get much closer to God than where we are..."


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