Friday, October 23, 2009


Hey yall.

My definition of technology is an item or method that makes life a little more easier for a particular society. But... is there a point where we can become slaves to it?

There was a time when you only talked on the fone when you were home... and your ass had to sit there because the fone was attached to the wall. There were no text messages, e-mails, or tweets. People also wrote letters... I miss those.

What was so different about that time is that we communicated wayy less. Our time to talk to each other was very limited. It was reduced to when we were sitting by a phone. We couldn't pick that muthafucka up and carry it with us... We had to sit down and write a letter then wait 2 days for our friend to get it...


We can get in touch with each other 24/7 via tweet, text message, facebook, e-mail... everything! And we can communicate in seconds with anyone in the world.. I daily text with my friends in Arizona, New York, Louisiana, Illinois and I even have a new friend that lives in the Virgin Islands!

Technology is a blessing, but it CAN hinder us. Church, as a society we've let the convenience of all of these ways to get to each other hinder our communication skills. I also think that too much communication is unhealthy for any type of relationship, friendship OR romantic. Some of us don't have "Me time" anymore because our phones are constantly buzzing and ringing or we're always in front of our laptop.

Yall know I don't talk about it unless I have the issue my damn self ;)

Also, we use all of these methods as a crutch. There are some things you gotta say to someone's face. There's been some crazzy shit said to me via text and I've used a text message to get out of some news as well. AND twitter and facebook enables stalkers. I mean, we volunteer all of our information.. I'll use myself as an example... On my facebook? My hometown, birthday, school I attend, siblings names, pictures of me and my fam from the past 3 or so years... I make it easy for a stalking-basic-bitch! We all do. But once sharing that information about ourselves becomes the standard its simply.. a normalcy? Am I the only one who thinks its a little much?

And the texts? My inbox's limit is 250 texts.. It fills to capacity everyday. 250 texts times 30 days is 7500 text messages in a month! How much time am I spending texting? Yall, there are people in my life that are goood friends and the only means we communicate is via text! My lady and I? Make plenty of love thru words with our inbox... Ok, I'm not complaing about that... lol... But I still value face to face conversation. I like facial expressions, the tone of someone's voice, eye contact.... Ya know? It adds so much more to a convo than just words and a smiley!

I LOVE the sweet texts my lover sends me.. But I'd much rather look in her eyes, smell her, and watch her mouth move any day. Let me move on before I get excited about her beautiful ass.... mmmmmmmmmmm! LOL

I'm very thankful for the time we save from technology but don't be a slave to anything ok? I'mma try to do better. I used to turn my fone off every night, now it NEVER goes off. I think I'mma go back to turning it off after baby goes to sleep. I'm also taking facebook mobile off my phone cause I don't want to be so available to people. I need to have some of time to my self.

She says I care about my sanity.

Song of the Day:. "Green Eyes" Erykah Badu. I'm starting off next entry with an analysis of this song.. I LOVE IT!

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