Saturday, October 24, 2009

Stroke my big.... EGO. Part 2

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Church, last time I talked about people (niggas) getting something accomplished and letting that one thing go to their head. Today, I'mma talk about a title and a name.

Until I got to college and started dealing with college niggas? I didn't realize how much people loved reading their own name in print. Or having a prefix or something of the like attached to their name. What is the big deal? Is that why people doing all this 'good stuff' for recognition? To me, if you're doing it to benefit yourself, you're doing it in vain.

It just gets old because there are those people who do it for the love and the cause but when we gotta mix with egos? Its so counterproductive. They're so busy trying to get their egos stroked we can't get anything done! I have a prime example and I'mma take the risk of using it because I'm a bit frustrated.

I write for an independent publication. The "founder" has a big ass ego which would be fine cause her ass isn't the editor anymore right? She always at meetings standing up and talking down to us. (Remember what I said about the way you talk to semi-grown black people....) I tune her ass out. Yall, she wanted to test us on some of the facts about the publication. When she said that to us? My friend and I made eye contact and I'm sure our facial expressions mirrored each other.. "Is this bitch on helium?!"

I've said it before, you're not paying me and this isn't a credit-hour. Stand up straight and quit bending over to kiss your own ass. You gonna fuck ya back up. The people who run this publication have a LOT of nerve because with every issue the writers are putting their stuff out there with no copyright so our shit isn't protected.. Which is cool because we're young in the game, but we deserve wayy more respect from them mofos since we're taking a risk... Especially when I know who I could be writing for and how much 'merny' I could be getting per article...

In the first 3 pages of the publication? This bitch's... Ok, I'm sorry... this chick's name is in here 5 times! Then she wonder why everyone else isn't as passionate? This ain't O magazine! Ya know why Oprah can be on every cover of her magazine.. Naw, you know why Oprah HAS a magazine period?! Cause she got an empire! You a broke college student like the rest of us.. Sit down somewhere and get humble.

Credit should go where its due. I'm a firm believer of that, but she's taking more credit than she deserves and she's expecting wayy more respect as well. Respect isn't automatic from me, earn it. It cost $7. Thank you. LOL

I think some people do deserve a title, but I mean like.. President Obama.. You can't call that nigga Barack.. He's the leader of the free world... And my aunt got her phD a couple of years ago? I'm her neice and sometimes I call her 'doc' just because I saw all the work she went thru. I had to help edit her dissertation. Its no joke, yall. But there's a time for all of that. As college students we cant expect that respect right off the bat. Get humble and do some work!

I have an ego, but i'm a control freak... so I don't let that shit get too outta hand. Plus I know I'm the shit in my own right... and I don't confirm that myself. Others do... ;)

Speaking of, how do you tell someone you "talking" to that it ain't gonna happen cause you still in love with someone else? Am I gonna have to pull out some Jazmine Sullivan? I mean, I have told her but she still getting clingy and I need space, ya know? Not just cause someone else has my heart.. but just cause I need space... Space is good. Right?

I'm having an estrogen overload. I need some men in my life. All of my male friends are lightweight (if not heavy) fags and I need some testosterone to put things in perspective. I have my bro accross the hall but he's young and I can't talk to him about serious shit. Good thing I'm spending time with my cuzzo tomorrow. He's always good testosterone.

Well, i'm gone to steal some clorox wipes from my friend "Slim". My ditzy ass roomate thought it'd be a good idea to wash our mirrors with just water and now our shits madd foggy...

Song of the Day:. "I Gotta Problem" Trina


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