Wednesday, October 7, 2009

White, Facebook Statuses, Hair & Shit..

Whats up yall, feeling more and more like myself everyday. That ninja took some things out of me. Hadn't even realized it until earlier today. I'm good tho. The Kidd will b ok!

Today I let this white girl interview me. She's writing a paper on black people who identify as LGBT. I always love the questions white people ask about us. She asked me if I preferred black or african-american. I hadn't even thought about it. Its funny the things white people think are important to us aren't and vice versa. Charlize Therron is African-American. I'm black.

Speaking of black, my roomie's flat-ironing my friends hair. It's 11 at night. Where the fuck you going and why you wan have my room smellin like hot scalp? Ugh.

Speaking of again.. LOL, I'm watching MoNique's new show and she has Chris Rock and Nia Long talking about his new Doc "Good Hair"... Dude's going around interveiwing people askin them what 'good hair' is.. I'm ROLLIN'. This bitch talking about her hair's imported straight from Malaysia. PLEASE point to the country on a map!

I thought so.

Yall, its something on my spirit today. First of all, facebook ain't nothing but the devil. It ain't facebook's fault. Its the users. I just wanna network socially like the site says. Basic-Bitches have turned it into something different. Anyway, whats on my spirit is people's facebook's status. Now yall know that I wrote that entry on "Facebook Religion" couple months ago. A good good muy bueno friend of mind has fbook religion bad. Its so ignant to me. Ain't nothin like God yall, Its one of my most important relationships. I wouldn't make a mockery of the relationship I have with my momma or my heartbreaker via my facebook status so why would I do it to my God?

People so fake, thats what it all comes down to..

THEN, bitches be talking about "I'mma fuck this female up.. blah blah blah.. put her in the hospital...." for one, fighting is barbaric.. thats just me. Two, you ain't gon do shit if you talking about it on facebook. Three, just because she stepped on your tennis shoes or smiled at your boyfriend no reason to fuck her up.. Dag.

Like I said earlier, I'm watching MoNique's show.. Chris talkin about 'good hair'. I used to say that my older brother had 'good hair' because it was soft and curly.. My mom HATED that I said that and ALWAYS corrected me. Not to mention the fool's hair is really nappy he was just brushing it down real good.. (Remind me to show yall a pic of dude with an afro) Anyway....

I have good hair.

Nappy as hell, thick as hell. But people lust after dreadheads. I stay with someone tryna touch my hair. This one white girl asks to touch it EVERY time she sees me. Black guys like it the most... (Idk what people are talking about black men wanna sista with a perm...) I told yall about dude that had an orgasm when I said he could touch 'em... and HeartBreaker? When we first met she was like "ooohhhh... ya dreads are soft... " thats when I knew she like-ded me.. or was atleast sexually attracted.. (I ain't sure like ME yet... )

Get some dreads... see if ya life don't change. Am I tall? Nope.. Am I cute? Not everday.. lol.. Its the locs yall.

But one day I shall shave them and give 'em to somebody? Why? Cause I want an afro like Angela Davis... before that, a mohawk...

Ok, I must wrap up.. Nia Long talking about what "Weave Sex" is.

Song of the Day:. "Wetter" Twista (I know its a repeat.. but there's a reason)



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