Friday, October 16, 2009

Stroke my big.... EGO.

Why is it that there's either NOTHING going on during ya weekend or 5 different people have asked you to 5 different places?

Yall, tonight I'm supposed to go to my boys party, go chill with this chick, go out to the club with my friends, go to another party... My dance card is just full... So yall wondering what I'mma do? I'm going out to the club with my boy, cause he asked first and he's cooking me dinner and bringing me wine. Man, when he said that I started taking my pants off! LOL

I'm not sure if this is a 'date' or not. Him and I have been 'cool' since last semester... I mean, he's cooking me dinner and told me I ain't have to pay for nothin... So, I guess it might be? But then again he is just doing what a man should do in my opinion.. Romantic or not... I'll let yall know how it goes. Maybe.

I feel that I gotta apologize to one of my favorite readers.... Look babe, shit went down between us and it seems like neither one of us are feeling it. But if its necessary, then lets deal with it... (together, ok? I wouldn't have it any other way.) Its ok for us to talk, keep ya fist and ya voice down tho.. hate to have to drop you. LOL .. You didn't do anything wrong, matta fact.. you did the RIGHT thing for YOU... I respect the hell outta that. Love u fa free, no matter how many times you 'whatever' me...

Don't know what I'm talking about? I aint fucking talking to you then! LOL

Yall... hold on, lemme put my headfones in. My roomy and her friend are cleaning the room.. yes yall.. my side to.. I LOVE women. LOL

Church, today I'mma talk to yall about EGOS.
I had to put that in all caps because thats just what it is.. something thats small that's big in some1's eyes... yall ain't feeling me. Its ok, cause I'm telling the truth. I was talking to my mom today about how niggas get a title or accomplish something then start going loco. Meaning, it all goes to her head. She told me to be patient because for 300 years all we could be was "niggers" I told her that the bitch I was talking about was 20, not 300. LOL Sorry, had to laugh at my damn self...

I understand that history has affected us as a people, but lets be real.. I wasn't a slave, I've never been called colored, never couldn't drink out of a certain water fountain, and never been denied service at a restraunt. Now, my grandparents had to go through that, so it does affect me.. but didn't directly happen ya know?

[I don't know how to use affect and effect... some1 school me?]

Anyway, I'm digressing. Back to the issue at hand... EGOS.

I don't know exactly what it is about some of us that let our accomplishments go to our heads. We also confuse confidence with being egotistical. I'm confident and I get called something along the lines of a cocky asshole once a week. To me, the difference is.. egotistical mofos make their peers or people on the same level as them feel inferior in some way. They do shit like answer a question in circles just to show what they know. Makes me liteweight nauseous...

A confident person? they know who they are and dont get phased by many and wont be influenced by just anyone. They're also not willing to change to make other people feel comfortable. That REALLY makes people mad. Thats where I get in trouble.

Anywho, I was in a room with 2 bigass egos today. I mean, their egos were taking up so much space, I got claustrophobic! I can't go into specifics because this blog IS on my fbook and I don't want anyone to be singled out... but DAMN! People need to understand that the things they're passionate about might not bring out the same level of passion in others... Especially when YOUR name is ALL over it. Also, if you're in a leadership position over your peers, you need to learn how to talk to them.. 'specially grown folks... no no.. 'specially grown BLACK folks.. Everyone in the room was giving "EGO" a stank face.

Bottom line, I do what I do, and I don't do what I don't do. This shit ain't for a grade and you're not paying me. I'm volunteering and you need me more than I need you. ;)

I also got singled out off of something that wasn't a standard but a matter of opinion..  but I refuse to get mad about shit this week. I let it roll right off my back and pop my collar...

Then yall get mad when I only deal with white people, atleast they got free drinks and smile at you!

I'm not done with this...

Just tired of writing and this seems like a good stopping point..

Church, my next sermon? Me understanding why some people become an asshole....

Song of the Day:. "Truth is" Fantasia


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