Thursday, October 29, 2009



Now, I often talk about the female phenomena like I'm not apart of it... But thats how I talk about mankind, and I'm apart of them. Please understand I know I'm a woman and alot of problems I have with women (and men) are the problems I see in myself.

Anywho, I don't understand why even after you TELL a woman you a dog, she still thinks that she can change you. I mean of course most dogs don't admit that they are dogs, but they do show that they're dogs... You can only keep that thing on a leash for so long. Seems like a woman always tryna get a fixer upper. Why not find someone as fabulous as you so yall can be the shit together? In reference to the taste one of my cousins has in men,  my aunt says that she always picks from the top of the bottom of the barrell.. LOL

Now, don't get me wrong... I'm not a dog... Am I? LOL Its just that I do my best to never sell any pipe dreams. All 3 of my girlfriends know about each other, and my wife knows about my girlfriends... LOL I tell people that want to get involved with me where my head and my heart is at. Trust, it aint ideal for a realtionship at this point, and they still wan deal with me? It can't be because of ME. I ain't a big deal. I'm flaky, selfish, possessive, and after sex? I go right to sleep if I don't get up and get something to eat, first. Who wants a mofo like that?

The thing about a lot of people is that they have all these flaws and try to supress them for their loved one.. Fuck that! The flaws are part of who I am! I can't change the Kidd, I can change what I do to appease you (sometimes) but I can't change me. Part of me knowing if someone can be on my team or not is them calling me on my shit but not expecting me to be any different. But still loving me in spite of that. Don't ignore my flaws cause then I'll walk all over your ass for real.. But recognize that they exist and that you gonna be here regardless.

Now as far as YOUR flaws? Get that shit in check! LOL.. just playin!

I'm realizing that Love has to simply be an easy mutual existence. Lots of times we get with someone that we have feelings for but we can't Love because they won't deal with the things about us that aren't so good. You can't love if you're trying to hide the true essence of yourself. When I'm with someone that doesn't want me to cuss or something like that? Eh....

Remember when I had that virus? That was the first time that Cheeks saw me sick, I felt and looked A MESS. But she still looked at me like I was about something... Hell, she came and brought me medicine and orange juice. Yall, a nigga felt warm and fuzzy.. Cause I wanted my mommy... lol.

Alright, enough about this love shit.. LOL

Why don't white people have any concept of personal space?! I'm walking this morning and I was already feeling abnormal because I ain't have my iPod... So I just had the fucking wind in my ears... And you know how you feel someone's presence on your back? This dude was walking wayy to close.. and a lot of times I just stop and let whoever pass me up because I need my space. But this morning I had somewhere to be and I'm tired of changing my life for white But then this mothafucka starts coughing and sneezing?! Yall, my nigga immune system does not know how to handle caucasoid germs. They shits on a whole new level.... Luckily he passed me up and went in the poli sci building....

Another thing about white people I don't get.... The other day I'm standing in line at a fine establishment on my campus to get some eatery.. and these white girls come in line and stand beside/in front of me like they don't even see me. I mean, I know I'm short... but damn, I'm not invisible!

And the third thing, Why they wear shorts in 40 degree weather.. Do they not feel that shit? I mean, I know I'm not genetically prepared for cold weather. They brought my people over from West Africa and the Carribean and then we were slaves in the Carolinas before we found out we were free.. (Do your research... ) So I know that I'm made for hott weather. LOL But white people don't even have a winter wardrobe, they just rock the flip flops all year round!

But I love white people... Have a white person on your team and see if your credit score don't go up ;)

Well, I have studying to do before my un-sober weekend.

Think I'mma blog again to night about Stimulants.. LOL

1st song of the Day: shit, I can't think of the name of it.. It's Mint Condition and Charlie Wilson....


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