Monday, October 5, 2009


Ok, stop hyperventalating.. I'm back.

Girl, a nigga has been sick! I used to not get sick, I mean I used to be that cocky fool that said "I don't get sick" to people.. I've been sick TWICE this year already! In April I had laryngitis, which is something you can't "catch", so that might be an excption, but this time it was some type of virus. I hate when doctors say that... WTF is a 'virus' or a 'bug'.. nigga I didn't ask about a volkswagen! I want my sickness to have a name and a medicine asile in Walgreens.

Yall, I woke up at 5:30 on Saturday morning with a fever of 104. I thought about calling 911. LOL. I'mma horrible sick person. I walked accross the hall to get some water, took 2 more sudafed and woke up at like 7 or 8.. My sheets were SOAKED, my shirt, boxers.. everything. I even took a picture of my pillow case. I'll put it up here in a minute. Naw, I'll twitpic it. Anywho, I truly sweat out that fever in a 60 degree room. I hate sweating, yall. Its not cute when you sick..

Got so bad even my hair looks sick... and I can't even explain how that looks but my locs don't look the same. They need to be pulled or somethin. I ain't shook 'em since Thursday. LOL

I probably would've gotten better faster if I had a good environment for a sick person to be in. My roomates and seemed like 100 of their friends decided to get GOOD and drunk and be billegerant till like 3 or 4 in the morning. Now yall know I'm gay for alcohol but not when young muhfuckas who can't handle they liquor are in my space. I'm an old school drinker, I like to get drunk and go to sleep... They think they gotta be up running up and down the hall all night to have a good drunk night.. Negative. And every 5 minutes a muthafucka was throwin up in my toilet!! You better believe on Sunday morning I told them they had to clean that shit up... Rediculous. I'm so not able. There's only one type of body fluid I like.. well, 2... and that I ain't one... Whooooo.. naw.

I don't have a topic to discuss today, yall. My mind has been high off various medications in addition to the regular ones I have to take everyday. I really want to go running to give my mind a break, but I reckon I need to get all the way better before I pass out somewhere on a tredmill or 4th street.

Being sick is no fun, I mean frustration like no other. I was frustrated almost to the point of tears. I hate laying around, but thats whatcha gotta do sometimes. Take care of yall's selves people. Or find a pretty girl with a pretty smile to help (Thanks, cheeks.. I owe you.)

Some1 shoot me some topics to write about...? I'm dry.

Song of the Day:. "I'm going in" -DJ Capcom's mix tape... (Wayne, Drizzy)

OH! and in reference to my title? When I say Ninja, I mean sickness.. Like.. I got the Ninja! Ya know..?


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