Wednesday, October 21, 2009



When I 'came out' to my dad, he shook his head and said.. "We always gonna be cool.... I dunno why you wanna mess with women.. they're a lot of drama"...

5 years later, I understand exactly what he meant. Women are smart and very competitive. Between these bithces on my facebook wall and my text inobx? I STAY in trouble with the wife. I cant go into specifics because they ARE stalkers and like I keep tellin' yall, there's a link to this right on my facebook... But they postin' bogus shit on my wall! Like this one girl who stay gettin' me in trouble keep implying that I'm  hittin' it! I don't want anyone THINK I'd hit that with somebody elses dick!

I'm slowly making the transition to grown... and I might just need to make some changes to my facebook as a whole AND my phone number.. tooooooo many people got that!

Yall, whenever I'm romantically involved with someone I always ask them what it is about me that they are attracted to. A good friend of mine realized this today so I feel that I need to explain myself. I don't do it for an ego booster (puh-lease.. like that could get any bigger.. ). I do it to see if this thang gonna work. If you like me for the wrong reasons? I know to throw ya application away. For example.. If you like my 'swag'? You'll be disappointed because it fluctuates everyday and is based on trivial shit... I get basic-bitches digging my swag a lot. I think its funny... they can't even elaborate on the factors of the swag... Ya don't even know ME!

I've asked that questions a few times... and only one person has got it right... and what do ya know.. She got to stick around ;)

Yall, its two in the damn morning... I'm suffering from insomnia of some sort. I see no reason to get in my bed. I think I'm tired of getting in the bed alone... and no, i don't want sex you nasties... I just want someone to rub my back or hold my hand till I fall asleep....  Takes me so long to fall asleep, but when I have that nice human contact? I be GONE.. lol, I feel safer or something. I didn't realize it till I got held right the other day...

Its insane how well her body fits to mine...

Song of the Day:. "Lucky" Jason Mraz
"I'm lucky I'm in love with my best friend"

Sorry for the short entry, yall. I type loud and my roomie sleep and my mind just aint where it needs to be to spit out good words. I'll do better. yall understand


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