Wednesday, October 28, 2009

God & Love


Today I'm feelin' much better than I was yesterday. I don't have classes on Tuesdays but it was still a little hectic. Nothing I can't deal with tho.

Just came from the gay people meeting on campus.. We watched a very insightful documentary of sorts on the bible, the church, and gay people. Really broke my heart to see a mother came to her senses after her lesbian daughter commited suicide. Its interesting to me how people pick out 'sins' to condem people with... Human nature is to exclude a group of people to make you and your group feel better. The religious world proves no different.

Made me think about issues I have with 'religious' people. Sometimes I'm ashamed to say I'm Christian because all of the negative connotation that comes with it.... I'm not the type to condem anyone to hell and I'm very tolerant of other people's beliefs.. lots of my Christian counterparts have a big problem with me because of that.... Hard fa me to go to church sometimes. All I wanna do is worship and learn about Him.. Not hate..

There's a big debate on what the bible says about homosexuality... I'll talk about my opinion on the matter later... I think that the REAL issue here is that people who claim to believe in God aren't acting like they know Him.. Meaning, they aren't acting like they have a say in the matter. God is sovreign. Its all His.. ALL of it. God has His elect people on this earth. and whether they're going to Heaven or  is according to His standard, not ours.  As His humble servants, our job is to show everyone His perfect love.... not condeming and telling people they going to hell... Yall got this thing all wrong...

(What I'm saying does NOT mean I think homosexuality is wrong at all....)

I don't talk about God much in my blog, because my relationship with Him is personal.. Thats people's problem too, they tryna broadcast a personal relationship for their own ego or whatever... and thats not how you get close to someone. For instance, I tell yall some stuff about Cheeks and I, but the love you see I have for her is a evidence of a personal realtionship... that love I have is ONLY for her and she's the only one who sees it. Likewise how it is with God, I ain't gonna type my prayers up and post them on the world wide web...

Yall won't see no prayers or love letters outta me ;)

My opinion on what the bible says about Homosexuality? Its all about the cultural and social context. We read the bible and take what it says and apply it to our personal lives. There's so many of God's people in so many different places.. We all take different things out of what it says.. We're focused on what the bible reads... But what does it say for you?

In Leviticus, God told men not to lay with men to a nation of people that was trying to grow. Two sperms don't make a baby. He destroyed Sodom and Ghommora because they were a very unpeaceful people. When the bible says something is an "abomination" directly translated from the Greek means its "not traditonal".

The bible also says if your hand is causing you a problem, cut it off. To me that doesn't mean literally get a knife out, it means get rid of whatever's causing you problems. Why do we chose when to take things literally?

The one theme that is consistent throughout the bible is LOVE. I think that is what we should be focused on. We're spending wayy too much time trying to exclude, hate and condem... lets welcome, love and encourage. The definition of Love is God. When I don't know how to properly show my love? I look at Him to see how He loves me. He sent His Son to die for My sins.. He sacrificed for me, loves me in spite of myself and sees me through His son. He loves me unconditionally and won't stop just because I don't show Him the proper love that He deserves.

As far as an earthly scale.. The love I experience today is so beautiful... it HAS to be from nowhere but Heaven. I can't fake this love I have, yall. I try, believe me. I do. Like I said before I try to look at Him and see how I'm supposed to love her. Sometime I mess up, but I hope she sees that I'm trying and I hope I'm getting somewhere close..? LOL

Well, I'm sleepy... watching the Kobe show.. Waiting on my clothes to get outta the dryer.. Got an Anthropology test tomorrow.. *bites nails*

Song of the Day: "Love" -Musiq



Anonymous said...

Beautifully put Carrie! Luuuuv it:)

The Kidd said...

Thanks. And ya killin' me with the government!