Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Gender & Sexuality Part 2: The Script

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Hey yall, ok ok. I'mma tackle it today.

I call this part The Script beacuse from the moment we're born we're given a script much like an actor gets one before going on stage or on the screen. Our script is based on who we come out of, where we're located, the color of our skin, texture of our hair, gender and a whole slew of other things. Things on my script? Black female in America from a single mother. Thats 4 damn things but has defined a LOT of things about me.

For the sake of the subject I wont go into what those 4 things have meant for me (in this entry anyway...) but the point is we all have a script. I think that alot of people just stick to the script for the sake of comfort ya know? In the context of gender? Females play with their barbies, males play with GI Joe (wow.. I'm old) and stay in those gender roles... If thats you? Cool. But for a lot of us gender isn't that simple.

I loved barbies when I was little. (I remember wanting a mexican one..lol ) but so did my brother.. He's on his way to manhood and he's very heterosexual. I also like playing with his hot wheels cars.. When we were kids we were innocent enough to love the toys for the sake of using our imagination... I never thought my brother was gay when we'd play with my barbies... and he probably thought nothing when we made our sick ass race tracks (yall aint ready..lol)

I just dont understand why society is sticking to the script but the PEOPLE aren't. There are super masculine men, and there are super feminine women... thats who they are and thats cool. But there are super masucline women and super feminine men.. There's also mothafuckas (like me) who are just in between. Why the hell everyone got a problem because some of us dont stick to the script?

Aint nothing wrong with a little improv...

I came up with "The Script" metaphor when I was in the gay club this weekend. Gender roles truly go out the window in that environment and to me, it seems the most natural. No one's reading the script, everyone can truely be themselves. Butch? or Femme? Whatever.. you are accepted! I thought about it when I was dancing with a good male friend of mine whose super femme and does drag sometimes.. Him and I love dancing but the roles are totally reversed when we're on the dance floor and its natrual to us.

Then around 3 (when everyone gets good and loose.. lol) this BEAUTIFUL drag queen starts flirting hard with me on the dance floor. She had to be 6'5" cause of the heels. A drag queen flirting with a girl? That REALLY aint part of the script cause aint no type of lable you can put on that! Does that make "her" straight? Does that make me gay? You can't answer... and thats the way I like it! LOL

One of my life goals is to make it easy for people to live in this world and simply be themselves. Our race and gender identities play a big role in changing who we are. There are so many people who are 'different' than the 'norm' and I don't think anyone should be forced to conform. I got the confidence to be me.. but there might be people who don't have it. Conforming shrinks your lifespan...

Thats my Fonsworth for the day. Gotta go get my laundry then get cute and hit the yard for my meeting.

I'm happy.

Song of the Day:. "Be Where You Are" Trey Songz


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