Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Golden Pussy Syndrome

Whats up, yall? 

I went to see Midnight Star and EnVogue in concert last night. They were amazing! The best time I've had in awhile. I love live music and they're two of my favorite groups. EnVogue did an old school medley. I went INNNN! Then when Midnight Star did "No Parking on the Dance Floor"?? Maann! Hubby & I had a great time. 

Anywho, yall already know what I'm here for to clock the tea on these females. It all used to get to me, but its kinda funny now when I take the emotion out of a situation and look at things objectively. If you never take anything from my blog, take that. Take the emotion out of ANY situation and see if some special light isn't shed on it. 

Its funny how people who take advantage of you will try to convince you that they aren't taking advantage of you.. I told this girl she treated me like a plan B.. and she asked me why and I told her why then she was like 'you shouldn't feel that way'.. and i'm just like ok.. I give you evidence of why you treat me a certain way and all you have to say is that i shouldn't feel that way? Goes to show you know you're treating me that way and don't plan on stopping. 

Which is fine to be perfectly honest, but the thing about her is.. she wants to be put on a pedastal... but wants to treat me any old way. It just doesn't work like that. Yall, I tried to be ok with disrespect, I really did.. for months. But I just couldn't. I'm too big of a deal, too fine, too smart, too loving.. too.. alot of things. 

Women have the "Golden-Pussy Syndrome"... (before yall get mad, myself included) Its not a bad thing necessarily.. but it is irritating... it can be.  *sigh* getting my thoughts together while writing is so hard.. plus all this pakalolo I been smoking... 

Anywho, my point is women have a false sense of entitlement (men do, but its different and not as complex, I'll talk about it later... )  From the time we are little girls, we are told that we're princesses, queens of the world, run shit, whatever.. and some 30+ year old women think thats how it is. Nevermind the fact that you have to be intelligent, respectful.. what have you.. put on some tight jeans and a long weave in and you can get whatever you want. That mentality will be the death of us. Now, no one appreciates a nice looking well put together woman more than I do.. but there's gotta be more to you. 

Women think that they're womanhood will get them anywhere.. and with a lesser man than me? It might. I'm a natural pleaser.. and I'mma just do it regardless.. but damn, can I get treated nice to? A stigma of being a woman that loves women is that I can't deal with being treated like a man... You can treat a man any old way.. Long as you suck his dick, he's iight.. Now, by all means suck my dick.. but then you gotta treat me nice.. Damn.. 

I feel that my thoughts are scattered.. but oh well, you ain't gotta read.. 

Thats just one example of 'Golden Pussy Syndrome'.. the most typical one is of course throwing good pussy at someone and then expecting them to still respect you. Pussy doesn't equal respect... Matta fact, it might make me not respect you.. I intentionally try to fuck every girl the first time I chill with her just to see... Push me away, tell me no.. I like that shit.. Don't just throw it at me. 

People with a Pussy need to realize, Golden Pussy syndrome works best when you DON'T pull ya pussy out.. #justsayin. 

What do yall think? 

Song of the Day:. "Complicated Melody" 

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Monday, April 26, 2010

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Gay & Black. Not the same.

Morning, yall. I know it might not be morning when ya read, but its morning as I write.. and morning somewhere.. So a nigga is relevant..

Church, I came to blog about why gay rights are not like those of black rights. Why? you say would I blog about this? Because as a young activist, the two biggest groups I advocate for are queer folks and those of color... White gay men in particular think that just because they are gay they are 'down' or something... It is a big insult when (black) civil rights are put in the timeline of gay rights. Frankly, its not the same movement and not the same impact.

There have been a couple of instances on the yard where again a white gay man tries to make the word "Faggot" the same as "Nigger"... or compares the civil rights movements of black people to those of gay people. For one, being gay and being black isn't the same thing.

As a queer woman of color, black is who I am... 'gay' is who I happen to be boning at the time.

When I walk into a room, you see my chocolate skin, my locs, my booty, my lips, my nose.. you see a black woman. You do NOT see a gay woman. You can't cause well.. I can't gay.. lol.. and two, I can't wear my most intimate desires on my sleeve. Gay people have the privilege of hiding that they are gay if they want. It's a convenience as a black woman, I wish I had.

But on a larger scale, the histories of black people and gay people are different. Enslavement was a long time ago, but it still affects us and puts us as a people under white privilege, gay people haven't had to go through that. For one, gay people have been around forever and have their own clubs, tv networks, movies, all of fashion and culture in general. There's a place for gay people in society, a small place, but hell a place. You want a straight interior designer, or make-up artist? I think not..

Who do black people have? Al Sharpton and Tiny & Toya..

Gay people never had to drink out of different water fountains, use different bathrooms, go to the back door of a restraunt to get their food, sit on the back of a bus, or fight in wars for a country that sees them as 2/3s of a person. Frankly, gay people chose to be discriminated against because they chose to say they're gay. There are plenty of queer folk in the closet because they don't particularly wanna be discriminated against.

My point is, its very offensive when gay people try to jump on the nigga bandwagon because they want to be able to get married and adopt children.... Hell, its very offensive when ANYONE tries to jump on the nigga bandwagon. Why in HELL would you want to get married or have kids anyway?! LOL


Song:. "Mad" Neyo


Sunday, April 11, 2010

A Drunken Dream.. [poem]

Hey yall, here's a poem I wrote yesterday to keep from dying from boredom at this forum. Comments are welcome <3

A Drunken Dream…

In a drunken dream
you came to me
and in your beautiful brown eyes
I could see
Tears ‘cause of me…
told me you felt deceived
‘cause the lack of affection
you had received from me.

And in my sleep
I felt my heart-beat

I felt myself get upset ‘cause
to all of my affections
you are the object.
and I never wanna
see my face in your
tears reflect.

So upset I was pulled
out of my drunken dream
and as my sleep ceased
I realized the tears belonged to me…

© 2010.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

On to the next...

I don't like blogging while mad... and Idk if mad is even an accurate word for how I feel... and the medicine might be the only reason I'm calm.. *sigh* Lets get right into it shall we?

For whatever reason.. (I have my theories) a lot of females have been getting at me this semester. I'm flattered... I promise I am.... I mean, no ugly girls either yall.. pretty brown girls with big booties beautiful smiles and jobs and shit... So... this blog is for any and everyone trying to win my affections... I'mma let yall know some very important facts...

IF you just want to fuck me? Don't come at me like you wanna date me... A physical relationship with me does not involve mind games. It involves you being honest, discrete and respectful. Let me know you want to fuck, why, how you like it and provide me with a copy of negative STD tests and we'll get going. But don't come at me like you want me to cuff you (is that the right term?) and then I hit it and you front me on the yard... You don't have to trick me into hitting that... To me, its just not that serious.

I'm hedonistic, and I love a good workout..

Second, require more of me. Please. I'm a dog... and if you don't require my respect? You won't get it. It's so attractive when a woman makes it hard for me. I want to pursue you.. I want to fail once or twice, makes it that much better when I win your affections. If I know I CAN hit it, I probably will and then I'll *yawn* and frankly be done..

Third, sexuality is a very sensitive subject and I understand that its not easy for brown girls to say they like girls too.. By no means do I want you to wear your sexuality on your sleeve, but if you want everyone to believe you gotta dick in your mouth, don't get at me... How am I supposed to feel if you're in my bed and I'm being fronted on the yard? I'm a dog but I got feelings too! I'm soooooo tempted to call people out sometimes... be like... "You can't speak? Did you not have a hand and mouthful of the Kidd last night?"

Just some things I've encountered yall... By no means have I shed tears or lost sleep over any of the scenarios above... I just wont be disrespected and again.. Won't be letting things slide. I tweet, blog and fbook about them.. but I confront them face to face too..  I see them all as training for who I'm really supposed to be with.. and if you don't think I already know who she is.. I do. #shoutouts to "Juliet" I'll be under your window tonight :)

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Saturday, April 3, 2010