Tuesday, October 13, 2009

My Life?

"Nigga, did you just get dumped?"

I had to have that conversation with myself. Its a hard pill to swallow yall. I was gonna go into hermit crab mode and tell yall that I was taking a hiatus from blogging to 'heal'. Fuck that. As long as the world is still turning, I'm still blinking and breathing... I'm not going to let anything or anyone stop me from what I love to do... that includes blogging.. and drinking too.. LOL

I can't give yall the details of the situation because I must respect everyone involved. But I'm always willing to share some wisdom or an observation with yall.. The Kidd is growing up. I'm not good at 'break ups'. That's the one time I get realll bitter and go into female mode. I still have articles of clothing that I refuse to give back... and yall know I'd have bashed many a mofo or basic-bitch in my blog... (dont get it twisted, i'm still good at it.. i just dont do it anymore..lol) But this time around? I stood in my drive-way, drank a little wine, took a nap and bought myself something pretty to make me feel better. That was the extent of my wollowing...

Don't get confused, I'm hurt. I cant sit around and think about it without getting upset. Hell, I wanna be mad. But I don't have the time or energy. I shall keep putting one foot in front of the other to get through this hard time.

I wouldn't have the ability to Love this well if there wasn't someone who was supposed to get it. Until I find that person? I shall show love to every pretty smile and fat ass I see... ;)


At the ripe old age of 19.. I'm not exactly sure what I want to do with my life.. I know yall saying I have time... but I like to have a plan. Plus this school shit is a bit expensive.. and while I'm not paying for it.. someone is! LOL I don't like tying up money for too long dig?

I love writing. I can manipulate words like no one I know. I'm not bragging... I'm just telling you the truth. I'm supposed to be writing in one way or the other. I'm not sure if I wanna go into News Writing anymore... I did when I was younger.. but I've gotten involved in News Writing and I have a bad taste in my mouth. (I probably just need to find some niggas that really know what they're doing to work with.... ) I don't think I can write fiction enough to make money. I'm in the middle of a novel, sometimes I wanna write it, sometimes I don't. So.... that might be a side thing?

I've recently got into fashion. Well... not recently... But I've really considered getting involved in it. But Idk.. cause thats a world full of superficial mofos.. and I see fashion as an art form. Ya know.. using the body as a canvas.. and they just tryna look good. I can't get with it. But when I go shopping, I know EXACTLY what I want and I never see it on the racks.. which leads me to believe I could design some original shit. My vision is, my fashion line would be for females like me.. Who wasn't into being super-duper feminine all the time but still wanted to be sexy and show off their assets. I'd wanna design men clothes to. and my scarves?? Yall ain't ready... I really want to design a jacket that was a mixture of the french cut and the american... I can't even explain it... So there's plan B..

And yall already know I don't love nothing like I love organized sound: MUSIC. But I don't want to be in the spot light at all. I need my life to myself or I'll start blasting mufuckas.. I wouldn't mind producing or writing. I'll even be a background singer for a minute.. I like traveling.. and groupies? LOL

Whatever I decide to do? I'll be a house hold name. I'll change the world for the better. I'll have enough money to be a kidd and people will respect me. Oh and if I end up with a wife? She'll be a 10! I liteweight already know who she gonna be... and if I have a husband? He'll have broad shoulders, a thick goatee and a big... vocabulary ;)

Ok, yall. I gotta study... Fall break's quickly coming to an end..

Song of the day:. "Salt Shaker" Ying Yang Twins.. just beacuse its the farthest thing away from a love song. LOL


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