Sunday, October 25, 2009

My temper, females... shit like that.

Yall, thanks to modern medicine, I've been able to regulate my temper.. but sometimes that muthafucka just comes out. When I say I have a bad temper? I mean that thing. Many don't believe me because I'm so laid back and cool most of the time.. When motivated? I get so angry.. usually I just shut-down cause I'm ashamed and I don't want anyone to see an "outburst" some of my very best friends for a decade plus haven't seen it.. I like to keep it that way.

I wasn't finna have a outburst or nothin' today, I just got particularly mad... and it was really nothin' new. Just made me realize that some stuff isn't worth it and if my cool ass is getting my feathers ruffled? I gotta remove myself. I was actually gonna blog a couple of hours ago, but i was too angry to do that. I'm cool now, did some homework and listened to some good music.. that always calms me.


Yall ever meet a female or male that you dig.. then you see they friend and you like... damn! why didn't I meet you first?! ("Switch" by Jazmine Sullivan). This girl digs me yall, and I think she's a sweet girl but I'm just not as into it as she is.. dont help that her friend is banging and be giving me the eye. Am I an asshole? Yes. But at this point in time I'm just being honest. Truth be told I don't want either one of 'em. At this point all I want is someone to kick it with because things are hectic and I need my space...

I just want someone to have a drink with, watch a movie.. maybe go out to the club.. women dont get that concept at all. If you nice to 'em they wanna fall in love. I HATE somone gone off me when they don't even know me.. 9 times outta 10, you gonna find out exactly who I am and wanna run the other way. Trust. Ask 5 of my ex girlfriends ;)

Now men? They get it.. and thats why me and my white husband are getting along so well. He gives me my space when needed, calls me beautiful and cooks me dinner.. but he lets my NUTS breath. We're both college students so we need that time during the week to study and things of the like.... During the weekend, we can help each other wind down after and before a hectic week on the yard. Is that too much to ask?

My text inbox stays full with "I miss you"s, "Just wanna let you know I'm thinking about you.." Yall I can't do unmotivated emotion. People say that shit because its what they think they're supposed to say. I just recently STARTED missing people and even then I only express that 30% of the time... and you're thinking about me? Thanks? But don't you gotta job or class to go to? Think about your GRIND. Make me some money... damn! LOL

And I might be lightweight hypocrite-ing because I text the 'wife' and tell her I miss her... But... I really do miss her big-head ass and I gotta tell her I miss her to get a kiss! Just playin.. boo.. hehe... Totally diff when you're in L-O-V-E. Don't let her know that tho... she might start taking advantage of that shit... (too late!)

Shout outs to my first real girlfriend. She taught me the ins and outs of relationships (part 1 anyway) and a weird relationship has manifested out of that. Told her I was married today.. lol.. (I'm not).. she didn't take to kindly to it I don't think... We argue and dont get along. But I love her very much and I reckon she loves me too. People, yall need to become friends with ya first "wife" or "husband"... I'm friends with most of my exes.. they know you the best and give you the right advice... That a good enough shout out "mami"?!

You ever have that friend that ALWAYS got a weave or some tracks? Yall, i've known this girl for tha past four years and have NEVER seen her real hair... She walked in my room today with nothing sewn or glued in... and her hair is tooooooeeeeeee up! LOL Ladies, why still get perms if you not gonna use your real hair? I know plenty of women with as much natural hair as me up under the drag... I understand that, weave and things of the like is an artform of sorts.. but anywho..  I'mma keep shaking my dreads (for the ladies) and yall figure that out..

Iight yall, I gotta get my black ass in the bed. Lack of sleep is taking its tole. I HAVE to get my sleep schedule regulated this week. I have a feeling its gonna mean turning my fone... *gasp* OFF!
Song of the Day:. "Papers" Usher "I know its you I love.. but I also know its you I don't like" TELL 'EM USHER!! I love yo ass but I don't like you AT ALL! I feel that way about many...

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