Monday, August 31, 2009


When I come here to write, this big white BLANK box seems intimidating.

College life is the bees knees. [I've been using that term all day] I know I'mma do well this semester, I'm having my fun.. don't get it twisted. But I'm taking care of buisness FIRST. Beforehand, I'd have enough fun for everyone and not open a book. I promise I didn't open any of my Communications books last semester and that's my major! Muy horrible.

Yall, I'm into this Twitter thing, before it sounded rather sexual to me and yall know how I feel about promiscuity, especially the virtual kind.. But its cool, always have random discussions and pretty girls talk to me. Good times. So... If you're reading and you tweet, follow me! My user name is collegekidd.

I didn't come here with a motive, just to jott some stuff down after studying and what not.

I'm moving outta my dorm into a nicer one that I was wait-listed for Saturday. I'm glad cause my roomie's a wet blanket and there's not enough room for all of us. My closet and what not is in the living room and I gotta make all these trips to the bathroom when I take a shower cause all the shits not in my bedroom. I'm high-maitenence and I don't use energy on things I don't think are worth it.

The dorm I'm moving into, everything will be in one place, I can control the temp in the room and will have access to a gym.. [and a pool] I haven't been cause I'm NOT walking accross campus and THEN exercising. Shiiiiit.

Ya know what song I love? "Superstar" by Usher, this is inspired by Twitter's #musicmonday..
Its a beautiful metaphor of having a giddy ass crush on someone. I truly understood today when a girl that I got cool with last semester and I saw each other on campus. She acted all giddy to see me, and then I did to. Even after the group of people left we were still standing there staring at each other. Idk if she's pham or not so I haven't gone that extra step, plus I don't have her number.. but I'm feelin' her. She's so sweet. A NICE girl is what I need.

Wellp, thats the song of the day. My back hurts. Whats comin' on TV tonite?

Peace and blessings


Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Hey Hey yall...

My second year of college is officially in full swing. No classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays... My goal is to get a J-O-B on AND off campus. Yall know I need stacks, cause a nigga is light-weight superficial and likes nice things. Dont judge me.

So, there were some young men on campus yesterday promoting a foam party. This guy was around 6'5'' and had on a tall T and baggy blue-jean shorts. The thug uniform if I ever seen one.. BUT he had on a coach back pack and it was NOT Kanye-esque. There is no way in the world this bag was in the Men's section! I doubt very seriously this guy was gay.. but he did have part of the homo-uniform on.

Lesson of the day? Don't get mad if someone assumes something about you if you have the uniform on ;)

Peace & Blessings

Song:. "Champion" Kanye West


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Keeping the Faith.

Man, if you don't take ANYTHING away from my blog... Take this away.

God is good.

You might not be feeling me if you're not a Christian on this one...

Remember how I was telling yall I was stressed about school and my dorm and money? Everything is working out. I've been praying about it.. praying HARD. I really want this year to be good from all aspects and only God can do that for me. It didn't look like everything was working out, but He was just testing me to keep the faith. God will give you what He wants you to have and not what you want to have. He knows better than I do. I'm so glad I've learned that early in life.

"Those who know Your name trust in you, for you, O Lord have never abandoned anyone who searches for you"
-Psalms 9:10


Saturday, August 15, 2009

The why's of Infedelity and Monogamy. Part 1

Hey Hey.

I knnow I haven't wrote a blog entry about a specific topic lately. I apologize but I don't force anything. If I'm not inspired I ain't gonna write about it. Plus, I have to think about something for awhile before I can write it.. you know like Jamie Foxx said "Wait.. I gotta work it out"

So, tonight I'mma be talking about monogamy and infedelity.. [ I really hope I'm not spelling that wrong.. ] I'm a natural observer and looking at this world it seems like no1 is monogamous anymore. To me it seems like humans are programmed to be in pairs when it comes to romantic relationships. We can hardly give our 'main-squeeze' the attention and love they deserve so when we try to bring in other people it gets sticky..

I will say that women are much better at infedelity than men are. Different entry for a diff day.

Not only monogamy but STAYING in a relationship when the going gets tough. I'm not saying stay with a mofo who's hitting you over the head, Tina. I'm just saying if he doesn't pick up his draws or if she leaves her hair in the sink, yall can work that out. Its nothing to break up over right? I say this beacuse a lot of people ask me for relationship advice (I don't know and to me it seems like petty stuff. I feel like if you can't sit down and talk to the person openly about whats bothering you, then thats not who you need to be with. You ain't comfortable enough to talk to them about how you feel? What kind of relationship is that?

People wanna give up to easy and have no communication skills! I attribute some of that to the world of facebook, twitter and text messaging.. but again.. a different entry for a different day.

Think about a world with monogamy and where we actually stuck it out in our relationships? No baby's daddys or momma's no step sisters, no divorce, no half brothers... Sometimes I wish my mom and dad woulda TRIED to get together.. all these niggas could agree on was doin' the grown up to have me! Uh-oh.. was that a daddy issue sneaking out? See yall... it all goes back to daddy in a woman. Trust me. LOL

Now don't get it twisted. I don't write an entry unless I have the issue MYSELF. I haven't been in a relationship at all in my 'adult life' [not that that has happened yet]. A nigga breaks out in hives whenever someone says the G word or the L word. I haven't been in a relationship that lasted longer than a solid year. My shortest was less than a month. All of my relationships have plenty of fights. Double Standards.. Jealousy.. Insecurity... [Boys AND Girls.. lol]

A nigga not only doesn't do relationships.. but I'm not good at talking to just one person either. I can't tell you how many people I'm 'talking' to. Less than 10. Let me say this.. Hold up.. The body's a totally different thing. I've had a sexless summer. I NEVER have more than 1 partner at a time and I've decided not to do the grown up again until I'm in a relationship.. A real one with a title. Not a cuddy buddy!

But I find myself having to keep up with all these birthdays, saying 'good morning' and 'good night' to everyone. Idk why I wanna make everyone feel like they're the only one I have eyes for. I don't lie to anyone, don't sell 'em any pipe dreams as my friend would say.. Idk why these negros haven't figured me out.. Well, one girl has.. and wouldn't ya know.. she's the one I like the most.. if only for that reason. She calls me on my shit but still talks to me. Told me I had 10 girls.. hahaha.. Matta fact.. lemme text her ass right now.

I dunno yall. Sometimes I wish I could have one person. I know she's out there. I've seen her in my dreams a couple of times. I only refer to the 'peanut' as a she because of the way she smells in my dreams.. LOL

and other times I see what my friends go through and I'm like F that S! I don't like to operate with someone else's feelings in mind. I wanna be able to go to starbucks or take a shit without having to answer to some1. Which means that I haven't found that person that I'm willing to do that for. Is there someone I'm willing to do that for? Am I gonna be alone for the rest of my life? I know one thing, if it gets to rough, I'm not gonna be celibate! Don't leave your daughter or momma around me! LOL

Damn... I'm not an asshole. Like I told my brother, I'm just a good actor. I'm a very loving person when motivated and not to brag but whoever catches me will be very lucky cause I'll be the best girlfriend or wifey I can be. But you gotta be worth it. I don't waste my energy on bustas and knuckle heads. Those are in the group I talk to.. but I just use them for practice. Hey... call me whatchu want.. Its a dog eat dog world. Set the standards for how you wanna be treated. Aint nobody usin me!

In my heart, I think love is beautiful. When I see a happy couple walking down the street, hand in hand... I smile to myself. *sigh* Sometimes I wish I had someone to sit on the floor and listen to D'Angelo with ya know? Thats why I can't get with no1. Females wanna listen to a nigga like Plies who just wants head and not pussy (Becky) and guys.. well.. are like Plies. Does it always gotta be about fucking? Its over-rated. Again, different entry for a different day. Hold on to your virginity if you got it. And if you don't, look at the muthafucka on top of you and consider if they really hitting it right.. Don't let a nigga or a becky keep hitting it if they not doing it right! LOL

Whew.. this entry was a rant if I've ever seen one. I would try to organize my thoughts better.. but I had to get them all out. I know I go off on tangents but its the world through my eyes and you know I'm tellin the truth ;)

Whats love got ta do.. got ta do with it? Everything.

Song:. "Lets stay together" Al Green CHYEA!


[[Ok.. Maybe I'll try to organize it better..I'm about to read it and I'm scared that its too rough.. LOL]]

Thursday, August 13, 2009


Regarding the last entry... I think I'm going to just stay out of it. I like to stay drama [and recession] free. I want to protect my friend but she's a big girl [hell, older than me] and people don't appreciate ya efforts so I'll avoid dissappointment.

I'm stressed. I'm in a state of waiting. I'm supposed to go to school next weekend and they don't have my money together or my dorm. I really need this to happen so I'll stop thinking about it. Its like I know in my heart everything will work out but I just want it on paper. I just want to know everything's going to be ok ya know?

Yall, I've been having these explicit dreams. Always right before I wake up. They suck and I'm always waking up with my heart pounding... Not a good way to wake up. It fucks up my whole day. I wish they'd stop. I have times when I have dreams alot. I just want a peaceful sleep.. Shit, I wouldn't mind a wet dream! LOL.

I'm tired of the same ole shit. I know its all about to end but I'm so bored in this house. But I don't feel like going anywhere. I feel like I'm going infuckingsane.

What ta do?!

Song:. "Chasing After You" Tye Tribbett... so beautiful.


What ta do?!

Hey Hey...

Ok, So I have a situation that I'm just not sure about. I can't say any names cause it is the world WIDE web but I have this female friend who's recently got involved with a guy I have reason to believe is gay. See, he dated [fucked] one of my male friends. Now, yall know I'm liberal when it comes to sexuality. But my male friend says he's gonna hurt her and that I need to tell her cause he's really gay and just frontin. BUT he spends time with her privately so why does he need to front to just her? I'm living proof that its possible to like both.

I just don't want her to get hurt, but they aren't heavily involved like they ain't fuckin.. God I hope they aint. My instincts is telling me to stay the hell out of it but I don't wanna see my friend hurt and what if the tables were turned? [Idk how turned they can get cause its obvious to me that dude is sweeeetttt]

I don't wanna bust anyone's balls or burst any1's bubbles and I'm not losing sleep over it, but this could turn out to be serious business if she finds out... God forbid she finds out about HIS sexuality AND then finds out that I knew... She'd have beef with me!

But I'd be such a hypocrite for outing him. [Then again, I don't hide my sexuality from those I'm involved with.. my men know I like women and my women know I like the D.. I sounded like a straight hooker right there] It IS his buisness... but he might be messing with my girl's heart and mind and that ain't cool either.

Why do men have to lie? They are so BAD at it!

And my problem is I'm holding him up to MY standards. I feel like I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt?

Hmmm... some1 please give me your opinion!

Song:. Never Never Land, Lyfe Jennings.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Neglectful am I.. I know. AH well.

This week is the Bible Conference at my church. I was volunteered to teach the 10-11 year old girls class. You know I love the kids... It has been an expierence indeed. They won't shut the hell up. But its ok. I still haven't learned to and I'm 10 years older..

Its hard for me to blog cause my space is all unorganized so my thoughts are as well. I've been very indecicive (sp?) lately... sucks. I really need to clean this room and what not.

So yea, I'm going back to school in a couple of weeks. I'm very excited and SOOOOO ready. I wanna get my learn on and be on my own again. I love my momma but... yea, its time for me to go!

Wellp, I'll think of a thought provoking topic and write later.. just updating for now..

Song of the Day:. "Back That Ass Up" Juvenile... I know, I'm on my hood shit..