Friday, October 9, 2009

Sleep Schedule?

At the ripe ole time of 1am, I forget I didn't blog today. Not that its a garuntee. LOL. I didn't wake up till 'round 1pm today so I guess thats why I'm not sleepy. Lawd my sleep schedule is soooooo off. I don't get fully ready to do shit till 'round 9pm. Guess the ninja did it. It works, yall. My aunt says I'mma child of the corn. I've always liked night better. When I was a kid thats when my brother and I wanted to go outside to play. Its funny cause I be up at this time wanting to talk to people but I have to talk to all my west coast friends who are still up. (Hey Ashley and Molly!) I called my mom one night at like midnight and she was like 'nigga, i'm sleep!' Swear I thot it was like 7pm!

I need my own time-zone yall.

Anywho, twisted my friend's hair tonight. His locs are nice. I moved pretty quick. I know my hand is going to hurt BAD in the morning. LOL I'm thinking of getting a couple of people's hair to twist on the side, but I do have commitment issues and I refuse to commit to anything else this year. Always wanted to have my own natural hair shop... I might when I turn 35. Whooo, thats a scary thought. Me on the way to 40... *shudder*

Watching my boo Tyra... She has people on here asking questions about different races that aren't so PC. I'm lovin' it. I have plenty of questions about white people... Oooooohhhh.. I just had a vision.. lemme write it down.. Yall ain't feelin' me.

I have a Spanish Exam tomorrow. I'm a bit nervous. I been studying.. But I can't retain. I really need a blunt, yall. I know whatcha thinking.. weed ain't gonna help you retain anything.. but I will. Promise. Call me what you want. I been smoking since I was 15. I know these things.

One day I will live in a place where I can smoke weed freeeeeellllyy... Can't wait.

After that Spanish exam, my fall break starts! I can't fucking waiiiiiiittttttt! I need the break, yall. I'm sure you can tell from this emotional spastic ass writing I've been doing. All I'm taking home is my medicine, my laundry, fone charger and my damn self! I'm not taking  NOOOOOOOO books!! Speaking of, I need to call my therapist and my psychiatrist (yes, I got it like that) to see if I can't get an appointment. I have LOTS to tell them.. LOL

Yall my knee is cramping like no other... I'll blog more on the flip-side.

Miss my girl, yall. Feelin' some type of way.... :(

Song of the Day:. "Come Over" by Pleasure P and Bow Wow

-The Kidd

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