Tuesday, October 6, 2009


So yall know how I had the Ninja and what not. One of the symptoms was a headache. I'm starting to think that the headache ain't have shit to do with the other symptoms cause it was still going strong up until this afternoon. Yall, I've been up since 4am. I'm too tired to tell if I'm sleepy. Not to mention I haven't gotten more than 3 hours of sleep at a time this whole week. Between these weird as dreams, this headache, my roomate's loud ass and my phone blowing up?

No coma-tose for me.

And yall know how much I cherish my sleep. If I had to chose between food and sleep? Sleep... Tv and sleep? Sleep. Blogging and Sleep? Sleep (Sorry yall..) Sex and Sleep? Ok... well, I just went too far.. hahahaha... but trust Sleep will come after you hit this!

Ok, thats enough sleep-orgasming..

I still really don't have a topic. I just stood under the shower for 5 minutes tryna think of something. Nothing. A nigga ain't gonna have a topic everyday. I ain't getting paid enough.

So... I just have some random anecdotes...

Ya know what I've always wanted to do? Have sex with the pizza man. Now I just got a pizza delivered to me and the pizza-man wasn't even cute.. but wouldn't that be fly? It'll happen before I die. (If I have permission).. Also with the cable guy... now, he's usually cute. Not the mailman tho, he probably fucking everybody. Cause if I was a mailman? I would.

Ya know what grinds my gears? (this might be a new segment in the blog) White people with dreads.. For one, I just don't understand. How does that work out? Now with my hair? I SAID loc and it was like 'ok! finally something I can do!' Its another one of those "Can black people have ANYTHING?" situations... Selfish Muthafuckas... Real talk, some1 let me know how white people do that to their hair.. I'm curious. It can't be the same method negroids use.. ?

Yall, I been tryna give yall this advice for a minute. When you're 'with' someone and someone else flirts with you? Or anything 'funny' happens? Tell your mate. I learned this from my mom. (she thinks that I'm niiave about how women especially are around me) Cause evidently people flirt with me or something and if it got back to Heartbreaker from a mouth that wasn't mine? I look guilty. So I sure do tell her everything. Cause I love my boo and I'm an angel ;)

This new Trey Songz album? Goes HARRDDD. Its the one thing me and my roomie can get along about.. LOL, (well not the one thing. She's cool for the most part..) I' feel like I've told yall this before.. But I just love it.

Well, I've turned on Frankie and Neffie's fool asses cause my cousin keeps tellin' me to. Gonna lay down cause I have a feelin' I might get a solid night of sleep.

Song of the Day:. "Jupiter Love" -Trey Songz


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