Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Yall, I wasn't gonna blog tonight. But I love writing and it provides a release. Yall, i've been feeling some type of way lately, reaaaalllll stressed. I am a broke college student so its to be expected. Sometimes it just gets to me. I need a break... just a couple of days to chill... I haven't had a day "off" in a minute. Even my weekends got bidness in 'em. I'm singing on Sundays (which I LOVE) and I'm studyin supa hard on Saturdays. Doing what you supposed to do is hard and at times seems over rated. LOL
I have 3 exams this week... this weekend I'mma get my chill on. Its my friends birthday and we plan on putting them into the air till we create a nice cloud... ;)

Have I done an entry on weed yet? I think I have.

When I get stressed like I do, I tend to push the ones who care the most away. In the words of Martin Lawrence, "a nigga apologizes". Especially to cheeks since I know she's reading. Yall know that I have romantic feelings for her, but she's my friend... real talk, one of my BEST friends. She let me talk out all my problems to her when I know her old ass wanted to go to sleep. I appreciate the hell out of that. She makes me so comfortable to just talk it out and it seems like she might just care... I ain't used to someone giving a damn.. so I don't know how to act all the time. I'm trying to do better because friends are few and far between. I can't affort to lose that friendship or others I take advantage of at times.

If I call you a friend? You are God's gift to me and I'm so greatful and humble that I got you ;)

I had an entry in mind, but I'mma keep it short cause I've burned one and had a glass of wine.. and I AIN'T had my medicine in two days. My body's like wtf nigga? and my emotions are just now calming down. So, tomorrow yall will get an entry entitled: "The Things Women Do"

I'll have a deep moment since I'm cutting the entry short..
You ever think about what you want people to say about you after you die? I want people to know that I was (am) the humble servant of a King whose reign is eternal and whose love is perfect. <3

Song of the Day:. "Sovreign God"


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