Saturday, October 31, 2009

Over it.

Yall, at the tender age of 19... and in my third semester of college. I might just be over the party/club-scene. Truth is I partied EVERY week last semester. Now tonight, I thought I was gonna be able to chill with my boo but that didn't work out like I wanted it to :( So, my friends convinced me to go to this dude's party right. I knew him so it wasn't just random shit. But I was only going cause they were gonna meet me and my dude "Social-Justice"... Well we got to the place, the niggas never came... I hope nothing bad happened to my people... but I can't be concerned right now. Maybe after the liquor has wore off...

Woulda been cool if his party was poppin'. It was alotta MEAT in there and they ran out of liquor.. DUN DUN DUN! When you run out of things to make everyone in here look better? I'm out! Made a phone call and got a ride back to my humble abode. I was just sitting there the whole time boppin my head to the music thinking "this ain't my scene"

[Side Thot: Regina King and Angela Basset can't ACT they pretty asses off!]

I'm so over it. Just the whole... scene? Maybe its cause I wasn't all the way drunk. I mean, this cute guy wanted to dance with me and I just wasn't into it... I was ready to go home when I got there.... I'mma make a song called "Blame it on the Sobriety".

Sucks when you go out and you know you shoulda kept yo black ass at the crib with your damn self. I think I'm in a pissy ass mood... I'm going to lay down...

Yall... Regina said "I'm in pain.. cause I love you and you don't feel a thing for me..." Girl... you better not make me cry in here.... Act baby!

Song of the Day: "By Myself" Ying Yang Twins


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