Monday, November 30, 2009

20. From a proper perspective.

Hey Hey...

Yall watch the Soul Train Awards last night? It was good, something about Toni kissing Trey made me uncomfortable. My momma said somebody need to report her. LOL... Chaka's tribute was TRUTH. I hope its on youtube. I been listenin to her and Charlie Wilson all day... Anywho, friends. I feel like I need some new music in my life. I'll kiss anyone who hips me to a new artist, or song or SOMETHING. All new music CAN'T be bull?! Hook me up!

This college life is fun. No doubt about it. But when I wanna come home to some peace and quiet and have a glass of wine? I can't.. cause these kids won't shut the FUCK up. They throw footballs in the hall, golf, ride bikes.. yall. I'm not exaggerating. I can't do it. I'm working my ass off this summer. If I can't get a place off campus, I'm getting my own room.. #BeleeeeDat!

I'm entering my last hours of teenagerdom. I can't say I'm sad to see the teenage years go. Worst years of my life... it was the end of my innocence... beginning of a whole lotta confusion and bullshit.. BUT it made me much older in my mind and my actions. I just read that... sounded like I hated my teenage years.. It was really just 13-14. I wouldn't change none of it. I've had fun, done stuff and been places that people twice my age haven't. I'm blessed. Can't wait to see what being twenty brings. I'll be a 20 year old black woman with no kids.... wow! LOL

I'm on a mission this week yall, I want my friend back. If you ain't listening, tune in now... Sometimes there are things in life that we have to do for ourselves that will hurt other people. Its just life. Life is unfair. What someone had to do hurt me, and what I had to do hurt some1 else. What goes around comes around. So we gonna sit around and cry about it? Yep. LOL. But eventually we gotta move on and look at things from a proper perspective. I love me some her, and this bull ain't worth losing one of my best friends over... (still gonna put you in a nursing home tho... ha!)

Yall, I got mad fluid on my ear, starting to believe its an infection, I feel like the whole half of my face is clogged up. Throwing my equilibrium wayy off. How do I get it off? Someone said peroxide... o_O Idk about that...

Ok, I have books to read, papers to write, women to undress... you know shit like that. Peace & Respect, yall. Thank you soooo much for reading. Its a big deal for me.

Song of the Day:. "Bless the Lord" (Son of Man)- Tye Tribbett <-- listen to this yall!!! I go all the way INN!


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