Sunday, November 22, 2009


Whats up yall? A nigga been feelin' real tender lately. My boy asked me if I was pregnant... lol. Maybe its the holiday season or the new perspective, whatever it is I just wan be The Kidd again. Emotions ain't me!

Yesterday was good to be emotional tho, my choir does "Feed the Families" every year. Its a community service project where we basically give Thanksgiving dinner to needy fams around the city. I was glad to be a part of something that was bigger than me. I been real down lately about my own problems and they didn't seem like a big deal 'cause I mean, I never worry about food or clothes or anything like that. I can't imagine. There's a scripture that says "Where your treasure is, your heart will be also"... I always try to give my 'treasure' (my time and money) to something or someone else. Cause treasuring myself? Not cute. Message!

So, I can't seem to get 100% healthy from this flu. I'm still coughing, (not as much), throat stills sore, and a nig still has all type of congestion. The Nyquil helps, but it also puts me in a coma every time I pop it. So yea, I refuse to take any more medicine. I need some juices and berries to heal me... lol.

My mother challenged me not to change my fbook status for 24 hours. Its been 22. I haven't died yet. Kind of refreshing actually... She also challenged me not to get on fbook for a week. I'm going to do it, just not ready. I HAVE took all facebook capabilities off my fone tho. Mobile and all. I can only access the book from a PC. Its a big deal. Don't judge me.

Going to see Precious tonite with my cousin and friends. Can't wait. I been feelin' tender but hopefully detachment has kicked in with this alcohol I been drinkin and I won't shed tears. Ooooohhh popcorn... .lol.

Was watching the AMA's JJ did ALL her hits. LOL, I love me some Janet. She made me fall in love with performance. She's a HELL of an actress too...

Friend of mine made me a mix CD cause I was feelin' down.... ITS BUMPIN, 'caramel'!!!

Laydees, I have a question.. Why do yall (we) respond so well to disrespect? I mean, I'm nice to a woman and I become a geek, but when I disrespect her I'm sexy? I long for the days when being disrespectful comes natural to me...

Song of the Day:. "Kiss" Prince.


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