Thursday, November 5, 2009

Libido? Brain?

Ok, just some thoughts before I go to the club...

White people are so racially insensitive. Yall should see this conversation I'm having on my facebook with one of my white friends.. All started from a status about how I felt that black people should be so quick to criticize the president because he was so important to us as a people... yall, I won't go into it.. but the kat got blinders on for real... Blinders called white privilege.

Must be nice.

Its one of those rare occasions that I'm going to the club. I need it. I need to let loose and get a lil tipsy. This is the first time my roommate and I've partied together. It should be rather lethal cause we don't act right at all on the regular.. Imagine how we gonna get with some drinks and loud music. I'm pretty excited... cause I'm partyin' with my boys and I haven't in years it seems...

I hope I have a hell of a hangover ;) LOL

Why do women who are interested in me only try to stimulate my libido? I mean, is that all you're worth, sweetie? I need my mind to be stimulated first.. then my heart... THEN my libido. I mean, I can turn on a porno and get horny.. anyone with a third of a brain can get me excited. I need a woman with a mind and a heart. Call me crazy?

I want a boyfriend anyway. I'm working on it. I requested him on facebook. I can tell he likes me.. he just seems nervous when we talk or somethin? What can I do to get him to come out of his shell? he's such a cutie.. a chocolate dred-head? whoooooo... LOL

iiight yall... Just some food before I go out.. Talkin to a young lady I kinda dig... lemme spit game! Oh yea, she told me I didnt' have to!

Song of the Day:. "Water" Lauryn Hill


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subspencious said...

I have learned that a lot of time people in general don't know how to stimulate their hire Conscientiousness. They are even worst stimulating others. Most people especially women behave in the club/party in ways that they really shameful ways. so much they have to lie to themselves in the morning at work/class. So simply put...The stimulate libido because they don't have much in their brain to stimulate your brain with.