Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Brick Wall

I'm turning into a bad person.

I feel so emotionally dettached from people, today... and I think the emotional dettachment is just an excuse not to be angry... No, MAD as hell. I don't blame anyone because the way people react towards me is totally my fault. Yall, I was at a workshop that I go to every year all weekend (more on that later, it was GREAT!) and I think I got a fever and a cough from pure exhaustion.

Now, I don't tell people when I'm sick, because I don't want to be bothered, hell I don't want to be bothered when well here lately so I try to stay low key... For whatever reason, a nigga's fone was going OFF like WHOA last night.. I mean, when I'm sick, I can only sleep for 2 hours straight at best... I'd have millions of texts and missed calls!

No1 loves good conversation more than I do... but these mofos that callin' me? Don't want SHIT. I think thats what makes me truely angry. Like, dude.. You callin' me cause you bored? Who do I look like? You better turn on Family Guy if you want to be entertained. I'd understand if I was actually nice to these people... but I literally have been staring at my phone ringing for the past month and not answering texts...

Do people enjoy talking to a brick wall?

I understand why good people become assholes. Its happening to me. I don't like it. The situation mentioned above? It ain't why... but I can't discuss whats really getting under my skin.

I think my feelings just might be hurt.

Idk how to deal with hurt feelings, my first instinct is to get angry... Idk, I wanna punch a bitch in the face... but.. I'm too pretty for jail... Ok ok, I'm going to write me a very angry letter and not send it, if that doesn't work... Uhh.. Whats plan B?

Song of the Day:. "Break Stuff" Limp Bizkit


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