Sunday, November 29, 2009


Hey Hey..

I just got back to campus yall.. My damn toilet is stopped up, and my computer was on.. Meaning somebody done been in here that ain't supposed to be! Not cool with me. Writing to calm down cause I'm kinda pissed.

Listenin' to my hip-hop playlist. I've said it before... but Biggie's song "Juicy"? I identify with it soooo well... and I don't really even know why. lol... I mean, I haven't lived in the hood or nothin'... But I guess since I've been to college.. or somethin.. people kinda treat me different... "Girls used to diss me, now they write letters cause they miss me!"

Luda's on now. He nasty, but he's a good rapper and I be feelin' him to. I listen to that song "Move" when I'm angry or tryna get motivation. They song "Area Codes"? I used to listen to it all the time back in the day. I like to travel, and I did have 'friends' everywhere. And Whats Your Fantasy? Yes, nasty and a lil ignant... but his skills are sooo aparent in this song!

Now, I don't say much about Wanye because he's turned into a phenomena and he aint cute enough to be.. But he can rap his little ass off....  I think people like him just because its the popular thing to do... But when he said "I got summer hatin' on me cause I'm hotter than the sun, got spring hatin on me cause I ain't never sprung, winter hatin on me cause I'm colder than yall.. and I will never, I will never.. I will never fall.." MANN.... As my homie would say, I went IN!

So yea, as you can see, I love music. I can talk about it all day. People say bad stuff about hip-hop... and I agree that it does exploit women but I think we blaming the wrong people.... Men will hold themselves to whatever standard a woman sets. Pussy Control. Use it. Its not ok for Nelly to run a credit-card down your ass, not ok for you to put your ass on somebody's dick in front of my kids on TV... quit doing it.. Men will jump over a mountain for the love of a woman, we need to stop making it so damn easy.

But this shit been happenin' BEFORE hip-hop. I mean, men did used to hit women over the head and carry them to caves...

I digress...

So, I've just realized that I have a lot of studying to do. I took my books home, every one of them... Didn't touch not one. LOL... I'm feeling overwhelmed.. for whatever reason I can't learn in a lecture setting.... So I have to TEACH myself the stuff... THEN study.. but I procrastinate.. so I never get to the study phase.. I need to change my ways...

Ugh... feel like I won't get to enjoy my born-day.

Well(p) There are two very pretty women on my bed... Why am I blogging?

Song:. "Doo Wop (That Thing)" Lauryn Hill...


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