Saturday, November 28, 2009

Scrabble Slam...

Hey yall...

I realize I been bad-mouthing monogamy for a minute. Monogamy is right. It just aint natural. I love it. My grandparents have been together for 56 years. They're my heros!

Currently spending time with my family. Brother and Mommy.. we was playing Scrabble Slam or something of the like... You can't play games with niggas, they like to make up words. LOL. Now we looking at pictures of ourselves throughout the years. I was a cute ass kid. I have a big ass head. Still do. Thats alright tho, I get good brain ;)

Hung out with my ex boyfriend today. Don't tell his girlfriend ;) Scandalous!

My whore-ass step-daddy got married today. Didn't even tell us. His brother told my grandaddy who told my grandmomma who told my aunt, who told my mom, who told me. Bitchassmuhfucka... This the second time a man in my life got married and didnt tell me. My biological father did this shit to. Told EVERYONE but his kids. I wouldn't marry a man who didn't tell his kids about me.. just sayin. Both the wives know about us, well.. me at least. Thats some ole bullshit.... They a couple of cowards. I dont want neither one of 'em within 10 feet of my mom, I give less than 2 fucks if they get married again... just be respectful.

Watching world's scritest parents... I'd clothesline my kids.

Wellp, gonna write about music when I get back to campus tomorrow.

Song of the Day:. "When It Hurts So Bad" L-Boogie!


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