Friday, November 6, 2009

You can find me in the club....

Yall, I've said it before. At my tender age, I'm officially over the club scene. I love drinking and dancing.. but people don't act right. Granted, I did have a good time last night because of the people... But there was mass fuckery going on. For one, when I got to the door, this bitch frisked me and had wayy too much fun. She reached all the way up my leg like I was hiding something in my uterus and I definitely gave her the stank face.. and she looked at me silly when I didn't go in and waited for her to frisk my girls. Cause they half naked asses might've ended up pregnant with her havin' the friskin job!

THEN my yougass suitemate is drunk ass hell and showing her ASS literally and figurativley. Yall, I don't like taking care of drunk people (especially when I'm drunk) but I don't want to see nothing bad happen to a young niiave girl who don't know any better. I mean, she JUST started drinking and EVERYtime she's gotten drunk she ends up crying and hugging the toiletbowl.. For one, thats an indication that you too immature to handle the bottle. Its ok to know your limit and when to put your cup down, hell its necessary. Take it from someone who used to get pissy 3 times a week, I'd always know when to stop, give someone the keys and tell them that I'm VERY fucked up and not to let me dissappear... It takes maturity to drink, and if you don't have it.. in my opinion your young ass needs to eat a fruit roll-up and sit down somewhere.


But all in all, I had a fairly good time dancing. I wish people wouldn't try to get me pregnant on the dance floor (HUSBAND) but its iight.

Well, gotta go to this wack ass meeting of egos. I'm so hungry, sleepy and hungover. I have a feeling that I'll either be giving blank looks or stank faces when I roll up in there. I hope "egoista" got fucked real good last night and she got her mouth under control... cause today I can't garuntee that I won't say something back. I did NOT get fucked real good last night...

Song of the Day: "Blame it on the Alcohol" -Jamie


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