Thursday, November 26, 2009

In love with an illusion...

Aye yall.. Hope this Thanksgiving finds you feeling better than I am. It was a dark day for me.. But sometimes life is dark and sad.. and feelings don't take a break for the Holiday. Just wrote a poem... I'm not done. Would appreciate some feedback. If you read this poem and find yourself feeling guilty or bitter? Its about more than one person and the sun doesn't rise and set on your ass... Don't waste your time contacting me, my art isn't up for discussion, its up for appreciating and identifying with. Pow!

In love with an illusion...

The Woman I fell in love with
never really exsisted...
You can only fake so long...
And when my blinders
came off and your true
colors materialized..
My heart was still attached
to the illusion in you.
The illusion that loved me so good
I didn't want no mo' but craved it.
The illusion that could slow down
my heartbeat with just your hand
on my cheek....
The illusion that brought out the
man in me, made me wanna get
my sperm to ya egg ASAP.
An illusion that made me the
sweetest woman, wanting to throw
my leg over you and lay on your chest..
An illusion I see in my dreams
But not in my reality
How can I be in mourning
for something that never came to be...


And.. thats it....

Song:. "Been Awhile" Staind


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