Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I'm thankful for..


Love her, don't even like her. Hurts that she won't talk to me, but its necessary. I'm trying my damnedest to understand. Don't wanna be mad... but after a gallon of tears? Its Hard. I ain't mad. I'm not bitter. Its my problem. Ugh.... I miss her smile... I dream about her and swear I can smell her till I wake up. Doesn't make me sad... I don't think.. just frustrating... Other morning I woke up and felt like Will Smith in iRobot.. know how he woke up from dreaming about the robots and hit the gun with his head and said 'get outta there'... I did that same thing. (Not with my gun tho.. LOL). Wanna send her a text that simply says "I love you and I miss you..." but in the words of Wayne? "I'm richer than all yall, I gotta bank fulla pride" Why do I feel so damn poor? Worst part about all this.. she doesn't feel the same way... 

"Last Night I saw you in my dreams.... Now I can't wait to go to sleep..."


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