Monday, November 2, 2009

On the dawn of 20...

Whats up yall? Waiting on my clothes to dry, thought i'd share some thoughts. I know I owe yall a couple of blogs, but due to my present state of mind and feeling, they would come out wayy too bitter. I don't want yall to see that side of me. I need to have the proper perspective before I speak on things. You understand ;)

I'm a month away from my 20th birthday. I'm rather excited.. Not exactly sure what I wanna do. I have a lot of December babies to celebrate with. We might pull something together and invite 17 butt naked b-tches over... you know how I do. LOL.

Oh, and sorry if you have a problem with my use of the B word... As my friend says.. "I only call bitches, bitches" ;)

But for real, there was a time in my life where I didn't think I'd see 20, or my 3rd semester in college. I'm so blessed and very thankful that He has let me get this far. Everything's not perfect, there are certain things in my life not going my way.. but guess what. I have a LIFE to be ungrateful about!

So, I been watching TV since I got back from some events on the yard. Yall see this Kate stuff? When did it become ok for us to share the intimate details of our personal lives on national TV? I mean, how much money are your children worth?! I know TLC probably paying for a lot of stuff... but them kids gonna resent the HELL out of her for publicizing her divorce like that.. Hell, I resent(ed) my mother for getting a divorce PERIOD.

Oh yea, I implemented a new app of sorts on my blog.. on the bottom there's buttons you can push and leave your opinion.. I think the choices are harsh, funny, truth... So since yall won't comment.. Just push the button, please.

So we had an event today on campus.. a group came that was against the death penalty.... Now, I'm all for social justice.... and I KNOW that the death penalty only creates more victims... I support that theory... But... I'm all for that shit! LOL... I don't want to be for the Death Pentalty, but if you kill someone I love? You wont' have to worry about it.. I'll take care of you myself. You made your choice when you thought you could take someone else's life into your hand... I'd rather see 'em suffer for a decade or 5 then kill 'em.... Whooooo.. thats a dark side of The Kidd I don want yall to see.

But for real,  I wouldn't be sad to see the death penalty abolished. There's other things I'd much rather see happen tho.

Call me an asshole? You're probably right. Its not unmotivated tho ;)

Alright yall, gotta go get my laundry and finish cleaning.. I'm hungry as well. Who gon get me somethin to eat?

Song of the Day:. "Every Girl" Yung Money "Sanaa Lathan... Megan Good... Angelina Jolie... D. Woods"


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