Friday, November 27, 2009


Things are better, I feel better.

The whore who jumped stupid texted me today not wanting to end on 'bad terms'... I didn't respond. If it takes all this effort for you to be in my life, thats an indication you don't need to be. She told me to delete her number, deleted me off her facebook and said she deleted my number. I'm acting accordingly.

Watching Spongebob, hilarious.

Yall, my momma done got me hooked on this TLC show, "Say Yes to the Dress". I can't see myself dropping a stack on my wedding dress. I was upset about my $70 prom dress, yall... and the brides to be, bring too many people with them. IF I get married, I'm going wedding dress shopping alone.

People crazy. Spendin' all this money on a wedding, then all this money on a divorce a couple of years later.... SOMEBODY gonna hear me when I say monogamy ain't natural. We wouldnt have a 50% divorce rate.. and 90% of the time cause somebody is cheating... SMDH. I just dont get why people commit and dont want to operate like they are?

Ok so here's the deal yall. I'm going on a diet.. from romance. LOL.. I wont be open to getting with anyone until 2011. Also, seriously considering giving up having relationships with females. It seems like the 'lifestyle' is too hard and frankly bitches ain't worth it. Really hit me the other day when my younger brother said that nature hates gays the other day. I dont want to seem like I'm giving up, and I'll ALWAYS fight for gay (and other) rights.. but as for me? I'm just not feeling it... Plus, I don't hate men, and I need someone around to lift shit and kill bugs... you know, shit like that. lol..

Laydees, I dont hate yall... I still love pheremones.. But I love ciggarettes too. I dont want lung cancer tho, you understand... ;)

I aint given up uhh ya know.. sex or nothin.. LOL... I mean, I wanna 'date' but any1 I 'date' will only be a part of my life on the weekends... And the thing is, I don't see that happening cause people wanna be around 7 days a week which is understandable... but it wont work for me... I'm tryna get a degree and change the world... Relationships, Love and things of the like? Only get in my way...

I realize I've been talking alot about myself lately.. but ya know, I'm just trying to work out what I want and need... Writing helps me. I'll have more topics soon... Who the hell wants to hear about me and my problems? -SNORE-

Shout outs to my friend who checked out my poetry yesterday. Good feed back. Dont be crying off my shit tho, nigga. Man-up! LOL

Song of the Day:. "I'm Cool" -Anthony Hamilton feat. David Banner


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