Friday, November 27, 2009

She knows exactly where it hurts...

Aye yall, sorry for all these emo blogs lately, a nigga just been feeling that way. Usually happens around the holidays if I'm all the way honest, I always feel forced to 'like' people during Thanksgiving and Christmas.. and I don't. The holidays are soooo superficial. I don't enjoy them at all.

Yall, my cuzzo and I drove by toys r us at midnight on the way home... the line was literally 'round a mile long. I wish I WOULD stand in line for some bad ass kids.... We're in a recession, and shit like this is exactly why...

Well(p), I ain't gonna keep you long... I have mad fluid on my ears... but I do have to say this...

There's a song by Lyfe Jennings called "Must Be Nice" and there's a line that says "Must be nice, havin' someone you don't have to show, they know exactly where it hurts..." Now, I always thought of romance when I heard this song, but it applies to a very important friendship of mine. I don't use governments so I have to use her nickname "Olga"... LOL.. She's so gonna shoot me when she reads this. Her and I have been close since we were 'round 11 years old... and its funny because we've lived apart longer than we lived together. I KNOW that her friendship is God-given. She's supposed to be in my life. I was feelin' down yesterday and sent her a text and asked her to pray for me, and for some reason.. She named off all my feelings and we had a really good talk.. and I dont even know if she knew the whole situation... but she knew exactly how I was feeling.. and it helped... I'm just tryna make sure I appreciate the good stuff even when things are kinda bad like they are now.

I'm thankful for the sad times, they make the happy times THE SHIT.

My birthday is in 5 days, folks. I don't plan on being alone or sober, plan accordingly ;)

Song of the Day:. "Must Be Nice"


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