Thursday, November 26, 2009

On my team? Naw..

Word to the wise...

If there are at least 2 people mad at you? You're doing something right.. God bless anyone who gets on my bad side... Yall, I had to drop a player from the team last night. My girls convinced me to go see New Moon last night. Now, I've attempted to get into the Twilight craze... but its a mediocre book with bad grammar and what kind of vampires don't bite white girls' neck? I ain't wanna see it... but remember how we talked about my weakness for girls and their smiles? yea.. that came into play last night.

Anywho, Even though I have no respect for her, I have respect for myself and I won't put ALL my business out there.. I gotta have something to myself, you understand. But this is EXACTLY why a nigga is NOT monogamous.. She was jumping stupid at me like she was my woman and I owed her anything. Fuck that. I never once told her that she had a chance to be my star player and she still treated me like she thought she did. Damn! I know I'm ranting.. but she's mad at me, playing victim, making me look like the bad guy when all I was doing was being myself.


So yea.. back to New Moon.. that Taylor boy? LAWDAMERCY... he kinda funny looking.. But I've learned that I kinda like that. He's body is bannnging. He's def on my Christmas list and he needs to turn 18.. so I can have his little wolf babies. *Fanning myself*

Well yea.. It's Thanksgiving. What am I most thankful for this year? I'm thankful for the confidence to be me. Like Wade from Noah's Arc said who I am is someone 'a whole buncha ignorant muthafuckas gotta problem with'. Lots of things have happened to me that should make me want to change myself, but I like me... and thats God-given, yall. Message!

Song of the Day:. "Goodbye" Jagged Edge.


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