Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Not 100%....

Is she baaaaackkkkk?!?!

I dunno.. Don't go having an orgasm just yet.. I couldn't stay away too long. Truth is a nigga LOVES writing. I've been doing ALOT. I've learned that I'm a very impatient person. I want things to heal, grow and change over night and its just not going to happen. Its ok tho. It IS happening so I'm bless-ed. I'd be lying if I felt like myself all the way. I don't. But I'm breathing and blinking.

I got that influenza yall. The doc told me I had it, I went outside and started crying and called my mother. Clearly doesn't sound like me.. just trying to give you a hint of how OFF I've been lately. 3 bottles of cold medicine later? I still ain't 100% better and I'm still coughing a VERY deep cough. Flu's outta my system thank goodness... But anything triggers a cough and cold medicine has other affects that I ain't even know about.. Still trying to figure out how its working with my regular medicine and other factors.. more on that later.

Yall, up until very recently I enjoyed a lot of blogs with little emotion triggered. Last night I read my boy Adam's blog and tears came to my eyes. Maybe because it was so honest, maybe because he talked about me and related me to someone who was very important to him.. or I could relate to his relationship? Either way... Check him out.. Click on my title and that'll take you to his blog. He's a VERY intelligent and insightful guy and I think I gotta lightweight crush, admiration, infatuation thing going on with him. Has alot to do with the fact that he's kinda mean.. lol

Good news? I get lightweight PAID fo my words now... I'm down 20 lbs.. Try to stop me if you want.. Be prepared for an #EPIC FAIL!

Alrighty, working on my article... trying to wind down at the same time.. talking to mi madre.. clearly.. too much is going on...

In conclusion, church... I'm still putting one foot in front of the other. I'm not back 100% physically or emotionally... some things have to happen to get that together and its out of my hands... well, I refuse to spend anymore energy on it. LOL..

AAANNNDDD... I just might be... done.

Song of the Day:. "When It Hurts So Bad" Lauryn Hill


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subspencious said...

Reading about you being sick reminds me of how the second i turned 18 i wish i was a kid again. What can I say ignorance is bliss after all lol. Or at least till the doc say u got the flu. =p

I'm also honored to see that you liked my new blog. If you felt that you can related to it. Then we truly have something in common. I must admit dispute how it still hurts me today I never shed a tear over her. I guess you can say you express the emotion for both of us.

I am also glad to see that you agreed to take my advice as well. I hope your soul is cleaned soon then your can began healing properly.