Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Go shawty.. Its my berfday!

Go Shawty.. its my berfday!

I've been here for 20 years, 23039 Months, 100182 Weeks, and 701279 days!

Yall, all this birthday love has me feelin' tender. The little one sang Happy Birthday to me last night. Then she told me she loved me. When them little arms wrapped around my neck? I almost started crying... LOL. Yall know Carrie loves the kids..

I guess I'm supposed to reflect on my life and what not... One Thursday in 1989, I came out of my mommy... lol... I'm told I already had a full head of hair, and that I slept through the nite.. What baby does that?! I was a child that liked to read... Embarassing. I LOVED the Rugrats...

I might do a biography tomorrow. I'm tryna figure out where the psycho came in. LOL... This has been the best birthday I've had in years, yo! Ok, I apologize but I'm a little intoxicated and I'm waiting on my 'lunch' to get here. Its only 8:30 and I've ate tacos and pizza today. So I need to go slow cause I shall blow chunks and I don't want a repeat of last time.... My hangover was all over Sonic's Drive thru..

Ok.. so my friends are mad cause I'm ignoring them. Hey... I like writing more than I like them. So what. LOL

Song of the Day: "Birthday Anthem"


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