Sunday, November 1, 2009


Hey yall, I feel much better. I'm not good at these things called emotions. I'm actually a rather emotional individual but due to a series of events, I just keep 'em to myself.... well naw, I suppress them... that thing is unhealthy. Take my advice, let your emotions out somehow! I did and I can't explain the release... yea, letting 'em out might cause an argument or something.. but at least its on the table... When you let your emotions out? You can look at them... its good for detaching. When your emotions stay in? They strangle your insides... call me dramatic, but thats the sensation I get when I'm feelin' some type of way and can't or wont let it out.


I'm leaving all of October's pain in October.... This new month and new week is a good excuse for a new outlook. I'm worried about people not treating me right? But the creator of Love got my back... He's the one who lit up the world simply with his words and he lets me see the sun come up every morning. I can't be worried about people who need a electricity, a lightbulb, a lamp and a lightswitch to get some light... and then still might not get it...

And real talk, He's given me some greatttttt people in my life. I appreciate them muchly and I should spend more time dwelling on those who do it right than who do it wrong. Sorry, Cheeks. I see the effort, I appreciate it. Sorry it didn't work out... For the record, you do it right more often than wrong. You've been a VERY good friend. I'm an ass for saying what I did.. Blame it on the emotion of the moment. Gonna miss the Bobbiz..

Just wanted to blog again to let yall know that I ain't Blog topics coming up? "Why I understand assholes", "The joys and pain of bisexuality" and a sub topic will be my love-hate relationship with tobacco.

Shout outs to a VERY good friend of mine who worries about me wayy too much. Words cannot express how much I appreciate you. Thats why I say it so much. I really am forever in debt to you. I'm not worthy of your love and attention but I'm soooo thankful that I got you and you got me ;)

Song of the Day: "Trading My Sorrows" -Israel & New Breed.


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