Friday, September 4, 2009

Heartbreaker you got the best of me...

So there's this girl... *blush* lol

I don't drop governments cause I am a hot comodity (sp?) and I do have stalkers. Shout-outs to my stalkers.. get a life. We're gonna call her "Heartbreaker".. [[I'll tell yall the back story last night of how we started conversing but I just don't feel like it right now]]. I'mma tell yall about our date last night.

She came and got me with her friend who also has the same gov't. Which I think is too cute.. We'll call her 'Vintage'. So I get in the car and I can't see what either one of them have on until we get to the cafe. Yall.... they get out the car... they both have on these short ass dresses.. and I have what I like to call a 'nigga' moment.. In my head I was like 'daaaaayuuuum'. I THINK I played it cool but I'm not sure.. I know that it took me a minute to get out of the car when I saw 'Heartbreaker's legs.

Clearly, I thought Dec2 had come soon. (My birthday) 2 BEAUTIFUL women coming to scoop me... I hope 'heartbreaker' dont roll her eyes when she sees i'm talking about her dope friend.. well hell.. she ain't blind. LOL

We shared some hookah, some drinks.. I had a nice little buzz going on. Ya kno the type of buzz where you're just chillin'? Yea, that type. The whole time I really wanted to hold 'Heartbreaker's hand but I was afraid to.. Glad I finally did..

Then we went to the Waterfront.. yall.. thats baby making territory. I'm just saying. If you in my city and you take somebody down there.. As my boy would say.. 'Bring a condom'. LOL.. all 3 of us sat by the water. It was nice. I told her stuff that I NEVER thought I would hip her to.. (Blame it on the a a a a ) but the alcohol was not helping my nervous-ness any! Man, I realy never get like this around a woman.. She's testing my gangsta.. LOL

Wellp, waiting on them to come scoop me now.

More later ;)

Song of the day:. "Talk to her" India.Arie


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