Thursday, September 10, 2009

"This Basic-Bitch..."

OK.. now yall know words are among my favorite things to play with... So I use my own personal lingo and sometimes don't exactly explain the definition of my words.. Kind of like Bajans (love you Kendi and Kalida! LOL)

In my last entry my favorite reader made me realize that I should explain exactly what a "Basic-Bitch" is..

Now I've tried to eliminate the B word from my every day language. Especially in every-day language and in refrence to females who don't deserve it. ((It all started when I heard my step-father use the B word in reference to my mother.. Different story for a different day.. Lets just say I drove accross town in record time and had to be held-back.. ))

Now, a "Basic-Bitch" is usually a female who is too simple to be complex. I could almost liken it to being ditzy.. But its different.. because Basic-Bitches usually get their title because of their actions. So in order for me to make you better understand my definition I'm going to list some examples of what a Basic-Bitch would do. Feel free to add.

1.) Go out in public with pajama pants on... A girl just walked by me with Whinnie the Pooh pj's on. I'm in the library on campus. It might be a problem if you grown with cartoon pj's, and it might be an even bigger problem if you think its ok to come to the library like that. I could see if it was pajama day.. but this is reality.

2.) If you have your head tied-up at 2:34 in the afternoon. Black women.. yall know I love yall.. yall's pheremones go straight to my toes... BUT WHYYYY do you have rollers in your head and a scarf on in the afternoon, what exactly are you getting prepared for? Don't you do that at night so you can look good at 2:34? I HATE IT!

3.) If you wear House of Dereon.. I'm sorry Beyonce. I love you, but your shit looks cheap.

4.) If you put the intimate details of your life in your facebook status... Yall know my fbook status changes every 5 minutes.. but its usually something surface.. But If I'm fucking my (hypothetical) girlfriend or taking a shit.. that doesn't need to go in my status..

5.) If you trying to play with my boobies while your girlfriends in the room. (This happened to me 2 weeks ago yall).. A girl that I used to date last semester was trying to feel me up and her girl was 2 feet away.. Now, if in YOUR relationship its ok for you to feel on other people's nipples cool... BUT its not cool for me. There's nothing basic about me.. and one you don't feel me up in public.. 2, you don't feel me up if you ain't hittin this.. 3, you don't feel me up if you have a girlfriend.. I'm sorry, even I have morals..

6.) If you grown and put an I in condom.. and read the word 'error' like 'eyore' Both true stories.. I don't make stuff up yall..

7.) If you're a woman and you have tattoos like 50 cent. Yall, that is just so out of order to me... I'm tatted up twice but I like to think they're feminine and in good taste.

Ok, 7 seems sufficient for right now. The list will get added to as long as I keep living. I see basic-shit all the time. Just as long as yall know what I mean when I say what I say ;)


My song of the day is "The Light" by Common. I was a lad but I remember like yesterday when this song came out. It was so interesting to me to see somebody rappin' about love and not shootin' somebody and they cat... The song also is beginning to have new meaning for me. Its so hard for me to verbalize how I'm feeling at times and songs kinda help.. I'mma give yall 3 lines..

"If Heaven had a height? You would be that tall..."

"It don't take a whole day to recognize sunshine..." <--- it only took the first time you smiled at me..

"My hearts dictionary defines you.." <--- and that somes up the "much more"

Who am I talking about? Wouldn't you like to know... If you don't know, you ain't supposed to.. Trust, I'm a control freak and you know what I want you to ;)

-The KIDD!!!!

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