Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Hey babies..

Yall know a nigga gets frustrated about people's fuckery. Today as I was leaving my last class of the day, I a text from my friend telling me to 'come to the multipurpose room' because him and some other friends were chilling in there. Stank face #1. People need to really think about their wording... cause you sound like an ass just tellin' me to come somewhere.. So I asked which multi-purpose room ause I'm on a campus where every building has a room for multiple purposes.. LOL

He tells me, but I proceed to do what the fuck I was doing... It was obviously a crime cause he got real miffed. Goddess-forbid I have an agenda of my own or friends besides him! I had already made plans the previous day to meet up with "My Mo" right after class and then chill with my girls after that.... So I really didn't feel the need to squeeze him into my agenda when 1, HE DIDN'T WANT SHIT... and 2, I needed to go to my room to get a book and urinate..

A nigga can't even pee without some1 having a problem.

So by the time I make my way accross 3rd to campus I get a text that says "What the hell? I thought you were coming this way"... Stank Face #2, I never SAID that I was coming to meet you, I ACTED like I was interested in where you were because your ego is so fragile and grown men pouting isn't cute..

So then I go get a frosty cause this Kentucky Heat had my locs sweating, yall. LOL and him and his partner in crime start 'chain-calling' me. I get a call from him, then her, then private, then him and then her... I HATE when people blow up my fone and don't want shit... I mean, it could be an emergency.. but in that case call 911.. because I'm not even certified in CPR...

Plus they know I'm a certified 'texter' and I never answer my phone...

So then my girls make me walk back through the SAC.. (An entry about my weakness for pretty girls and their smiles later..) and we run into these 2 fuck-faces that have been blowing me up... Yall, I been working on trying to express myself without the attitude and I did pretty good today. Don't know exactly what I said but I basically told them that I never SAID that I was coming and that I don't HAVE to answer my fone just cause they were blowing me up...

They tried to take me through a guilt trip, I didn't get on the train.

Proceeded to spend the afternoon with "Vintage", "Heartbreaker" and the little one... "Heartbreaker" doesn't like her nickname anymore. I have to come up with another.. I don't use governments.

My back hurts...

Lemme tell yall a funny story. Someone ever say something to you and it sound REAL DUMB.. and you make a stank face and they get mad..

Yall this basic-bitch said that she didn't know how to spell condom... and she said that she put an "I" in it and then got mad at the group of people for looking at her like she was a basic-bitch.. I mean, I can see if you spell endoplasmic reticulum wrong.. or even philosophy... but not condom... sound it out.. I mean shit.. how do you make it to college and not know how to SPELL condom? and where the fuck would you put an "I".. icondom.. is the I silent? condiom.. no.. that ads and extra I.. yall.. Fuckey at its best.

But she already had 2 strikes against her before she said that so...

Past couple of days I been feeling kinda weird... no appeitite and can't sleep.. and sleeping and eating is like top 5 things I love to do... Who the hell knows why it aint happenin... I hope I can get some 'get-carrie's-sanity-time' back this weekend when I go home, I'm not even taking my books back to the 859..

Well, this is kinda long.. So.. PEACE!

Song of the Day:. "Knocks you Down" -Keri Hilson.. when love knocks you down, get your ass back up.. LOL


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