Saturday, September 19, 2009

New to this?

I reckon I should be working on my study guides right now.. but I can't get into it. Plus, I did put a dent in one of them today. A nigga just wants to chill on Saturday night and have a drink. I'm entitled to that right? Man, I be beating myself up for real...

After the Cardinals fucked up today, I watched the Secret Life of Bees. I had never seen it before today. Yall, beautiful movie. Queen Latifah, Jennifer Hudson, and Alicia Keys are examples of TRUE double-threats. Alicia had me feelin' some type of way and I don't even like 'em light.. who am I kiddin.. Long as there's booty involed, you can be purple! LOL

Call me whatchu want.. I'm honest.

I really need to clean up my room, thats why I'm feelin' stank. Shits just cluttered.

So how about my dad got in a car accident last week and didn't tell me? That ole dreadlocked-nigga.... I hate him soooo much cause I'm just like him. He don't tell nobody SHIT! Its ok tho. I'm only mad cause I miss him. I'mma daddy's girl. Don't judge me. If some of my friends and lovers met him, they'd understand why I am  how I am. Cause people meet my mom and are confused. For one, she gotta DONK and I have no ass... ugh, makes me so mad... and she's a bit high-strung and I'm pretty laid-back.. Like I don't get miffed about nothin.. and when I do get miffed I withdraw even more. My mom freaks THEE hell out.

So I'm just on the fone with Heartbreaker... she says "Am I your girl now?" I say "Yea." and she says.. "But I didn't say I was your girl.." and I say "I did." She says.. "OK.".. LoL.. I think I handled that pretty well... Yall, I'm new to this romance, relationship, emotion thang.. I'm trying to show my feelings yall, I really am. Sometimes I dunno if I'm doin' it right..

I'm sure she'll give a bobbi brownzz when she reads previous paragraph. As I tell her often "you be iight"

Oh, the definition of Bobbi Brownzz is basically a stank-face. Whitney's husband Bobby Brown be twistin' up his face so I guess HB made that up. One day told me she was giving me Bobbi Brownzz like I was 'posed to know what the hell that meant.

Ok, so my husband.. Hmm what can his nickname be... "Mohawk"

"Mohawk" texts me today and says that "Asshole" (my ex) told him to tell me hi. I kindly reply "What does that have to do with my life?" I mean really.. the nerve of her to try to move back in good and through my sperm? Negative. Honestly, I'm over the situation. The sadness is def gone.. a niggas heart is not broke over her anymore... But on the same token, I don't want to be her friend, I don't want to have anything to do with her.

(Damn, and my other ex just fbooked me.. its ok tho.. we still friends...)

In the past I've tried to be everyone's friend. I'm done with that theory. You gotta be selective of the people you surround yourself with. Even when me and her were involved, a lot of my friends told me in so many ways that I was not using my standards correctly.. (they were broken yall due to a number of factors)... Am I an asshole for being less than nice? I'm really just trying to put one foot in front of the other. Bringing her back in my life would cause a 10 step decrease cause it'd bring back old shit. Not to mention I TRIED to be friends after we broke up and she always had a mouthful of my nuts.. Sorry to be graphic but I just gotta get the point accross ;)

In the words of my Barbadiosian queen.. "CAN I LIVE?!"

So let me discuss the song of the day.. "Oh na na" by Lil Jon... Yall last night this song was so accurate to my lfie and I'm ashamed. I wish I could give yall some deep India. Arie shit... but not this time.. If you haven't heard it, the chorus is.. "Oh na na na na I'm so horny and I want you to fuck me.." I was feeling some type of way.. I'm not sure what it was... maybe the gin it was sipping on, maybe the D'Angelo tracks I had playing.. or maybe the left over hormones in the room (my roomie tells me she did the grown up the other night).. Maybe the fact I hadn't seen my scrumptdiliuptious all day... Whooooo.. I *think* I'm ok now...

Alright, listening to Prince. Somebody bring me some movies to watch and something to drink cause we definitley killed it all last night..


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