Tuesday, September 15, 2009

No, I really don't like people. For Real.

Yall, when I say "I don't like people in general" I really mean that thang..

It all started last night at the negro convention council of presidents meeting. BB said it best, too many egos at the table. I don't know why we use EVERYTHING but our mouths to talk... I don't respond well to people talking with egos. Cause I talk with my mouth. Believe me, I had the biggest ego in the room but I had it under control.

I know I was probably sitting there with a stank-face. I'm tired of meetings anyway. All we fucking do is meet about shit. We don't DO enough. Meetings are necessary.. but damn. Yall should see all this shit in my planner I have to go to. I want to be involved in stuff ya know.. you get out of what you put into. I believe that. But clearly. Dealing with uppity negros and niggas?Naw.

Plus within my OWN group there's noooo communication. For one there's personal issues that are a million years old that need to go head and die. Two, everyone gotta feel so damn important. I appreciate whatever it is that has made me realize that the cause is more important than my image.

Liberation, yall. That's all I want.
Some niggas don't know they slaves. Ask Harriet Tubman.

I bought a print of when Ali knocked out Sonny Liston in the first round. Thats motivation yall.

In Who Gives a Shit News... Kanye's drunk ass totally cut off Taylor Swift when she was getting her award at the VMA's. Yall.. Fuckery. If you know you act a fool while you drunk, why go up in there anyway? I know how I get when I'm drunk.. thats why I do it in the privacy of my own home... Whoo.. yall keep setting black people back. Serena's ass done threatened to shove the ball down the officials throat. Let her muscular ass be mad at me.. I'd cry. Hell, I cry every time I watch her play anyway. The ass yall... Rediculous!

Song of the Day:. "My name is Victory" Jonathan Nelson.


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