Sunday, September 20, 2009


Ok, so lately I've been having symptoms... but I don't feel sick? Like, I've been nauseous the last couple of days... I haven't had an appetite since I've been to school.. and a nigga be sweating and hot for no reason! Yall, I'm not good at being sick. I don't want to expose anyone to that side of me. I got laryngitis last semester and my sick 'grown' ass called my momma and told her to come get me... Well, I was on a breathing machine so I texted her.. LOL Whatever was in that machine was niiiiice cause I felt so woozy.

I digress..

I told my mother that I was pregnant. She laughed. I told my girl that I was pregnant. She laughed to! I mean, can I not get no dick? I'd hate to have to jump on some and show yall! Naw, I'll continue to be a good girl. 6 months strong! (Hey Delana! be proud!)

Anywho, I feel fat and ugly today. I know I'm not. But.. ugh.

I'm watching the Emmy's. Neil Patrick Harris is hosting. I love people with 3 names. Wish I didn't have a hyphen. Ask all my friends with 3 names, I call them by all 3 of 'em.

I'm really contemplating 'coming out' to my cousin. I know she'll be cool regardless. We're really close and I can talk to her about anything. I'm sooo nervous.

This is a random entry.. bare with me, church. I'm about to wrap it up.

Yall this rain and Raphael Saadiq is making me feel some type of way. I'm about to write a poem.

I miss my package. I might call her and leave her something ignant on her voicemail...

Alrighty, if I have inspiration I'll write again.. chyea

God is good. I'm not.


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