Sunday, September 13, 2009

Hair: My soapbox and my Loc Story.

Yall, I'm on here troubleshooting with the IT girl tryna get internet access on my PC. It needs to happen, cause I'm tired of walking downstairs. She's helping me out.. Big Ups to IT.. yall be fucking up tho.. Its ok.

So, I came to blog about hair... But yall already know how a nigga has a goal and then the blog ends up being totally different (example: previous blog)... so.. don't hold me to it. Oh, and Um.. to be specific.. the hair of black people.. even more specific? black women.. even more.. mine?

I'm on this because this month I've been locking my hair for a year and I've been talking to the women in my fam about hair... We're all natural at this point.. It hasn't always been this way. We've been slaves to the chemical and the hot comb before. So I guess we have both perspectives?

To me, in America it seems that glamour is equated to long flowing blonde hair... The problem is most Negros don't get this coming out of their scalp... AND when they get it put in artificially it looks funny on them. Remember when Venus and Serena has blonde micros for a bit? They black nubian asses looked real funny with straight blonde hair...

Its interesting to me how some of my black sistas still aren't comfortable in their own skin. I people watch a lot. I think its interesting how people develop their own personal styles.. or bite from other people. You can usually tell the diff to. There are so many beautiful black women on campus in a (as I like to say).. fight with their hair..

Now don't get me wrong.. I know my history. It is liberating for us to have a choice. We didn't always have one. The only thing a black woman used to be able to do was do hair or clean up after white people. My grandmother's a certified beautician and instead of going to college, my great-grandmother cleaned at one. Thats why its so important to me to get my voice heard cause the women that made me didn't have the opportunity that I do.

I also don't think that everyone should walk around looking like Angela Davis. I just wish that we would step out of this identity crisis. We are all slowly getting liberated from the 'fight' but we still have a long way to go. Yall already know how I feel about pheremones from black women.. and if they wanna rock it straight? I say go for it. But recognize who you are and respect those of us who don't chose to.

Alright, lemme get off this soap box.. lol

My loc story:

I started my locs a year ago. It wasn't anything deep like rebelling from society.. A nigga just had a lot of hair. LOL. I knew that I was always going to be natural, I didn't particularly like my hair straight, and I wasn't going to get up every morning and burn the shit either. I had always rocked two-stran twists and I dug it so one Saturday when I came home from school to get my hair re-twisted I said to my loctician (mommy) "This is it, lets loc it" and that was that.

Initially, as I said it wasn't too deep for me.. But now I'm a bit attached. I started my locs the same time I started college, the same time I started pre-adulthood and the same time I started the worse relationship of my LIFE. I've grown so much since then. I've always been Carrie, but seeing, feeling and hearing shit changes your perception of things. The length of my locs show how much I've grown since then. I hadn't even realized how much I had grown until my friend sent me a pic of August '08. My hair wasn't even touching my shoulders.. I had a flavor flav "WOOOWWW" moment. LOL

Went through a phase a couple of months ago where I wanted to cut 'em off.. But like I said I'm attached. It was just hot outside and I've always wanted a mohawk with a star on the side (It will happen one day) .. I've never seen my scalp yall, for real. LOL

There was a African-American Street Festival in my hometown and my aunt and I were walking down the street checking out the vendors and this guy who had locs complimented mine and asked if he could touch them then we shared our loc stories.. It was a cute moment, us standing in the street touching each other's hair. His were flyyyy...

If my kids end up being fully-black.. lol (Its shaky at this point, yall) They're getting locs.. My daughter will NEVER have to go through what I went through as far as the chemical burning or the hot comb getting ya ears.. Whoo, I just had a flashback!

Shout-Out to this cutie sitting next to me. He's getting his flirt on hard.. I must be cute cause I def look a mess... my head's tied up and I have on some sweats or somethin'...

Oh..and Shout-Out to Bobbi Brownzz (the artist formerly known as HeartBreaker) for pulling a massive stunt then going to sleep! Ha!! Yall, I dig her too hard. I'm as good as gone. UGH!

Oh, I'll talk about the VMA's (breifly) tomorrow, MTV fuckery doesn't get a whole entry.

Song of the Day:. "So Amazing" Tye Tribbett

-"Lil C"

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