Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Interracial. Part 2

Hey Lovers and Friends...

I've been marinating on the second part of my Interracial 2 cents.. Wasn't going to write until a white boy responded to my little brothers status in a less than sensitive way. My brother expressed some of his frustration with the way the MAN was treating Obama..The fact of the matter is? White people in America will NEVER be able to fully grasp the 'race' thing. They always conveniently forget that their ancestors DID oppress ours for 200+ years and it STILL affects brown people. Thats what this WHOLE issue is about.

There are many ways that black opression still affects us. For one? White people got money. OLD money. Black people are just now starting to come from money. I came from a little (don't tell nobody..lol) but it started with my grandfather and he had to work his ASS off. He turned NOTHING into something. Two, a white man less qualified than me will get the same job I apply for... I ain't making this up yall, statistics. Three, Even if you have a white parent your ass is still a nigga if your daddy is. (Ask Obama, he's as black as he is white)... Not to mention some niggas STILL don't know they slaves! (Ask Harriet Tubman)... I could go on...

But this ain't about politics... I'm tryna do that for a living, can't have it in my blog..

Last time I talked about the black man-white woman relationship. For a minute or 3, church, I'mma talk about the black woman-white man relationship. Now, remember how I said I felt rather miffed when I saw a happy black man with a white woman? Now, when I see a black woman with a white man? I'm actually pretty proud of the sista.. Why? Cause she's brave. We as black women have such an obligation to black men that no1 would excpect us to get with a white boy that would actually raise some kids we had with him.. God forbid!

Likewise, I always appease myself (when I see a black man with a white woman) by saying "At least she took a way somebody's black-man problem."

A friend of mine married a white man had kids with him. In the words of Dave Chappelle, "They happy as hell"... and a 'brotha' came up to her and said "Niggas are eating pussy now.." Like all the white boy could do for her is perform oral sex on her?! How disrespectful... dunno what the husband said... but I think she said "White men are to.."

I will admit that I do have a bad taste in my mouth when it comes to getting with a white man. For one, I can't help but think about how white men raped black women for years and had illegitimate house niggas with 'em. It irks me. I mean to the point where I won't even watch a white man fuck a black woman in a porno... Yall, I wouldn't even watch Lacey get boned by a white boy and yall know I'd give my left arm for Ms. Duvall...

I digress.

On a more personal level, I genuinely liked this white boy.. and he was an authentic white boy to.. (Not like Eminem who had a little chocolate in him,) I mean this dude lived on a farm and everything... We liked each other, had mad chemistry.. but it didn't work out cause his daddy didn't want him with a black woman.... I remember thinking how dumb that was. Daddy didn't even know me.. the fact I was black just ruined it for me! Something I had no control over? He made his son lose a GREAT catch... I mean look at me! LOL

Also, seems like black women are still a forbidden fruit to white men... (Ask Thomas Jefferson) but the few times I've actually got with a particularly brave white boy, his ass DEVOURED me like he'd been waiting for the chocolate... and I'm not just talking sexual cause I wouldn't liken myself to a candy bar. Please.

Lets back up.. Its interesting how angry black men get when they see you with a white man. I have a white male friend.. We've been friends since kindergarten, no joke. This past summer we hadn't seen each other in years and we went to the mall together. Now, he's a very affectionate guy and so am I.. We were standing in the middle of the mall and he was holding my hands up above my head and I was looking up at him talking.. I guess the shit looked romantic.. This black guy walks by and looks like he wants to head-butt me. My boy noticed to and was like 'what was that all about'... I told him that it was a long story...

Brothas are quick to 'leave yo ass for a white girl' then feel some type of way when they see you with her brother.. I mean damn.. Whats a sista supposed to do?

Nothing but double standards, yall. Sistas get crucified for some vanilla and its a status symbol for a black man.

I wish I understood why... This society is rather patriarchal and men do have a lot more advantages? Maybe white girls suck dick more? They prolly let yall do anal don't they? I shall never.
I've been taking a very heterosexual approach to this and yall know I'm not so heterosexual... But from my experiences in the gay world, black people don't get mad at me when I'm with a white girl.. I guess once your ass is gay it doesn't matter? My mom sho did tell me not to bring a white girl to eat none of her food when I told her I liked the company of women.... I'm sure she told my bro the same thing... Personally, I've had mediocre or bad experiences with all the white women I've dated... and I don't blame it on them being white... but that doesn't mean I'll ever get with another white girl...

To me there's nothing like a black woman. In the words of Will Smith? I'd plant one and grow a whole field of yall... There's a confidence a black woman has that just appeals to me.... Never met a white girl with it.. Ever. Its her shoulders, her thighs, her hands, the way she tastes... whooo.. yall just dunno what a black women does to me!!

I think that'll suffice. I sho wish somebody would comment a niggas blog. Its tellin' me I get mad hits.. But the comments don't reflect that. If you readin? Lemme know!

I ♥ HeartBreaker.


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