Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Dance. alternitively titled: MY NUTS!

Hey yall. TGIF.

Sharing wisdom is among my favorite things to do and I'm bout to share some.

Whenever you're with a woman, its always a test.. Always.

Couple of weeks ago I asked Heartbreaker if she'd go to the end of Pride Week dance with me on campus. Now like I've told yall before. She told me that I wasn't 'in prison'. Thats what I like about her... she's confident. All I wanna do is dance. In the past, girls would be sooo mad at a nigga... But where does the test come in? I'm not stupid, there are some things that Heartbreaker don't play... and if I woulda gone in there being a man-whore? I'm sure I woulda got the Bobbi Brownz and much more.

Its all about respect, yall.

I will admit that even though I had studied for this test, I was a bit nervous when I got in there because of the fact that I had some skeletons in the room. LOL. Everyone behaved for the most part. Except for this one girl.. we'll call her "YoungBuck". Yall ever seen that movie "High School High"? That's exactly what she did to me. See, earlier in the day she facebooked me and asked if I'd save her a dance.. and of course my nice dumb-ass said yes.

But when we got on the dancefloor? Her ass was so far up on me, my NUTS couldn't breath! and to top it off, she kept grabbing my boobs (every1 did tonite matta fact, i'm getting a reduction) and my hands to put them in places. Like my "social-justice's" man says "I'se Married" I can't be impregnating people on the dance floor anymore. You want my woman to serve me with divorce papers? But my Heartbreaker, always the cool one of course remarked about it but quickly reminded me that it didn't affect her.

I can't explain how flattering it is that she's not jealous BUT she still protective of hers... I need that balance. We see alot of things the same way and its kind of unspoken.

Its interesting how women wait till you get some1 and then wanna put your NUTS in they mouth. Me and "YoungBuck" was on some platonic shit before she saw Heartbreaker. I mean, platonic like the one-armed hug and my white girl that I dated last semester? Would have never rubbed her vag on me if I came to the dance unescorted. Women are interesting. Yall almost wanna make me change my major to psychology. But the fact still remains.

I don't like people.

That shall have to suffice for the night. This officially begins my weekend of being light-weight lazy. A nigga ain't slept in (for pleasure) all week.

Song of the Day:. "Murder She Wrote" -Trey Songz (HB, listen to that please... matta fact, I'll put it on ya playlist.)


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