Monday, September 21, 2009


I realize that my blog is getting real 'fonsworth farrakhan'-ish.. and i'm not talking like Chris Brown's bow tie.. I'm talking a nigga don't just tell you how her day went anymore. I always gotta talk about some deep shit. Well guess what?

This entry proves no different.

Church, today I'm going to be talking about interracial relationships. Primarly, the black man-white woman.. my personal favorite.

"For a nigga that refers to relationships as relationshiTs.. you sure do talk about 'em a lot.. ".. I know muthafucka, maybe my perception is changing... <--- yes that was me talking to myself. It was Karma talking to Carrie..

Anywho.. I'm sitting with my dude "Social-Justice" in the SAC, an hour or so ago. We get our over-priced fast food and sit-down... I notice a table where two black guys are sitting with two white girls.. So I ask him, what attracts black men to white girls.. Granted he's the wrong nigga to ask 'cause he's anything but typical from many aspects.. but he's still a black man and he still has a black penis so he'll have to work for now..

It sparks an interesting conversation.. A friend of mine (don't have a nick name for her yet) comes up and offers her two-cents. I don't ask black women this question because they all say the same thing and its always with a neck roll... LOL, but she provided some good insight. I always need a heterosexual, black female perspective. For some reason its profound to me.

My question is why do black women seem to have a bigger obligation to black men than black men do to their women? Typically black men (and women) are raised by their mothers, aunts, grandmommas, and older sisters. A lotta times daddy isn't in the picture... So shouldn't their veiw of black women be good?

And like I said, daddy usually ain't around (mine wasn't) so shouldn't my perception of black men be worse than it is? Gay or not, there's some kind of obligation I have to black men that I can't explain.  The fact of the matter is, in order for me to get the chocolate, dread-head babies I want, I gotta get some brown sperm and it aint' just for the kids either. Trust, its the sex appeal as well. Its the D! LOL The power, swagg, goatees, shoulders, sex appeal, lips, hairlines and many other things of black men gets to me. I won't even front.

I'll go as far to say that I wish I could impregnate a woman.. but I can't. Which is probably good cause I'd probably have 10 kids by now.. call me what you want. I'm honest.

I digress.

I will admit that everytime I see a black man looking all happy and in love and shit with a white woman, there's a twinge of anger I feel. It has lessened because on of my favorite black men in particular has gone over to the otherside. But I'd still rather see my boy with a sista. If my little brother ever brings home a white girl? I'll stand on a chair and slap his tall ass.

Why do I feel this way? Sometimes as a black person in America, I feel like white people got everything! Can we have something? As Katt Williams says, "selfish mothafuckas!" (Can we just have one president?! DAMN! Look at your history books! LoL..)  I really wish I could give a deeper answer than that.. I could, but it'd be fake.

I asked my hetero-girl why she wouldn't just get with a white boy? She simply says she doesn't find them sexually attractive... Hell, I don't either. They can be cute. But I've never seen a white penis that I would jump on.. and I've seen MANY a black one... Come to think of it, I've never seen a white one in person.. hmm..

This is just my little shpill..

At the end of the day? I say fall in love with your 'package' whether they black, white or yellow. Be with 'em because you in love and they like you for who you are. Don't get with a basic-bitch cause your mom wants ya girl to be able to use your comb.. and don't get with a Ike Turner cause ya daddy will freak out. Real Talk.

Do what the fuck you wanna do. But a nigga still reserves the right to analyze your ass ;) You can analyze mine to... just don't let me find out.

Song of the Day:. hmmm.. let me pick up my iPod.. "Behold a Lady" Andre 3000 inspired a note I left in somebody's iPhone today.



PS:. I wrote this entry after 4 blunts and a redbull... so if I forgot to use the space button or spelled some shit wrong? Thats why. A nigga is smart for real..

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