Thursday, September 24, 2009

A bit of an Issue..

Yall, I need some relationship advice. One of my priorities is that my girl's always comfortable around me and idk if I'm doing a good enough job. I'm trying not to give too much detail away because today I realized that way more people are reading my shit than I know. I wish a muthafucka would comment but that'd delete the purpose of being sneaky.. lol

My girl's confident, but private. So she doesn't want everyone to know about us or her sexuality for that matter. I feel bad cause I'm talking for her. ((But hey, she be iight.)) We've had some conversations about this matter. I love it cause she's always honest with me and after a little pulling, she tells me how she's feeling. (I really 'preciate that.)

The issue is when we're walking around on campus I'm kind of affectionate towards her and she doesn't ACT like it makes her uncomfortable but she always brings it to my attention later.

Women are a trip. (I can say that because I AM one.)

She be tellin' me and then be like "but its ok..." and it just confuses me. AND the hard-cheeked nigga don't ACT like it bothers her at the time. I don't know if I should keep a 3 feet distance from her at all times or what?

Not to mention that I don't really want to know my other girlfriends and boyfriends on campus that I'm married.. hehehe...

She'd disagree but I'm a private person as well. I don't want everyone all in mines. I don't want to be known as HeartBreaker's girlfriend and she don't wanna be known as The Kidd's main-squeeze. What I like is that we both have our seperate lives and she's "like a bird" a true free spirit and I don't want to take that away. So I might re-evaluate how I act when we're on the yard.

Good talk, yall. LOL

New Subject.........

I really feel humbled when I find that people read and enjoy my blog. BUT I just want them to read and have 7 laughs.. Not read then text me and ask about my life..  (I'm not talking about you Shawn.. you good, babe. ) I keep saying this... I'm not a big deal and some people make me feel like they about to "Obsessed" my ass.

Please believe "Heartbreaker" don't play that...

Entries Coming Soon:. "The forehead kiss", "Stunts", and "Interracial Part 2"

Sorry to cut it short but I have an exam in the morning. Waiting on my roomies and her friends to go to the club so I can get this studyin finished and get my sleep on.

Song of the Day:. "Phone Sex" Trina


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