Monday, August 31, 2009


When I come here to write, this big white BLANK box seems intimidating.

College life is the bees knees. [I've been using that term all day] I know I'mma do well this semester, I'm having my fun.. don't get it twisted. But I'm taking care of buisness FIRST. Beforehand, I'd have enough fun for everyone and not open a book. I promise I didn't open any of my Communications books last semester and that's my major! Muy horrible.

Yall, I'm into this Twitter thing, before it sounded rather sexual to me and yall know how I feel about promiscuity, especially the virtual kind.. But its cool, always have random discussions and pretty girls talk to me. Good times. So... If you're reading and you tweet, follow me! My user name is collegekidd.

I didn't come here with a motive, just to jott some stuff down after studying and what not.

I'm moving outta my dorm into a nicer one that I was wait-listed for Saturday. I'm glad cause my roomie's a wet blanket and there's not enough room for all of us. My closet and what not is in the living room and I gotta make all these trips to the bathroom when I take a shower cause all the shits not in my bedroom. I'm high-maitenence and I don't use energy on things I don't think are worth it.

The dorm I'm moving into, everything will be in one place, I can control the temp in the room and will have access to a gym.. [and a pool] I haven't been cause I'm NOT walking accross campus and THEN exercising. Shiiiiit.

Ya know what song I love? "Superstar" by Usher, this is inspired by Twitter's #musicmonday..
Its a beautiful metaphor of having a giddy ass crush on someone. I truly understood today when a girl that I got cool with last semester and I saw each other on campus. She acted all giddy to see me, and then I did to. Even after the group of people left we were still standing there staring at each other. Idk if she's pham or not so I haven't gone that extra step, plus I don't have her number.. but I'm feelin' her. She's so sweet. A NICE girl is what I need.

Wellp, thats the song of the day. My back hurts. Whats comin' on TV tonite?

Peace and blessings


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