Friday, September 18, 2009

So... are you a stud or a femme? [Part2] and Interracial thangs...

Can we say TGIF?
College has truly made me excited for the weekend.

LOL @ my roomate on the fone with her mother..

Speaking of which.. my roomate and her 'friend' (more on that fiasco later) say "Carrie, could you come to this side of the room for a minute?" this morning.. So in my  head I'm thinking 'this'll be good'... So I proceed to go over there and they offer me a spot on the bed.. I never say no to getting in the bed with females, yall. I ain't stupid.. but as "Black-Panther" says "I'se married" (Hey bebe..)

So they proceed to ask me all these questions about "The Life".. The gay one yall. They ask "So what constitutes females having sex?" then my answer to that sparks more questions.. then they tell me how they were speculating about which one I would be in my relationship.. They say that I'd probably be the girl cause I keep my hair nice and my toes done... but then they said "We saw your girl and got confused cause she pretty to.." And yall, my girl is fiyyyyyahhh... When I'm with her, mostly guys give me jealous looks... OK, I digress cause I get hot and bothered bout her fine chocolate self...

Anywho, it was a potentially interesting conversation that got cut short cause I had to go to class.. they looked so interested and like they had been preparing these questions for years... They said they were 'new to this' so maybe they trying to go over to the rainbow.. yall I don't wanna be responsible for no more initially hetero girls sexuality.. I have a long list of people, I've brought the gayness out of..

 "I walk like this 'cause I can back it up.." (And thats the LAST time Beyonce will EVER get quoted in my blog.. lol)

Ok, new subject..

In my anthropology class there's this guy that sits in front of me. We haven't really said anything to each other besides "hey.." but since we're among the only black faces in the class we always acknowlege each other.. well, I noticed that recently this white girl has been sitting next to him. Now, this girl is obviously on his testicles hard.. and its obvious that he's not really feeling her.. The interesting thing is that she keeps looking back at me with this smug look like she's really doing something.. and HE keeps looking back at me like he's embarassed.

Joys of being a black woman...

Its all very interesting to me. He doesn't want me to think he's ''sold out'' and got a white girl and she wants me to be mad that she 'took' one of my men. As my roomate says..  "I could give to fucks" about neither one of 'em. I'd prolly give dude some play on a nice day.. just cause I'mma sucker for dred-heads... But he's a little on the short side.. I need a man I can climb... lol..

So yea, I'm excited glad its Friday, I'm just drank a full throtle and I'm listening to Bustah Rhymes.. meaning I'm feeling crunk for NO reason.. LOL

Shout-outs to my fbook stalker.. Remember the Latina that wanted to get my nickname for her tatted on her and I was feelin mad uncomfortable about that? Yea, she still does. I'm not a big deal, yall. I'm really not.. I'm just me and insecure people would stop treating me like somebody's celebrity..

Song of the Day:. "Everything I am" -Kanye West

-The Kidd

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