Sunday, September 27, 2009

Menz and many digressions.

I'm listening to Diddy's "Come to Me." I think he was still going by P. Diddy when this song came out...  Idk why but I like Diddy. Can he rap? No. Can he produce? Hell No... But he's cocky as hell and reminds me of myself a little. Plus, he can dress his ass off. He can also buy anyone that has something to say about him.

Anyway... I'm pushing fast-forward now.. doesn't take me long to get over a Diddy track. Now listening to Biggie's Juicy. Yall, I can NOT describe the feeling this song gives me. Makes me fall in love with hip-hop everytime I hear it..

"Girls used to diss me, now they write letters cause they miss me..."

Ok, let me get out of music review mode. I was writing a reveiw for the negro paper on campus. I really don't like it, but I've gotten A's off of papers that I don't like so it ain't about me. Haven't wrote for a newspaper in a minute. I'm rusty. But its among my favorite genres of writing..

Church, today I came to write about men.. More specifically why the fuck they so needy.. I don't know what it is about having a penis that makes you want to have every woman's titty in your mouth. Every single man in my life has "worried" the SHIT out of me at one time or another. Men do shit like call you every 2 seconds and don't leave a message... accuse you of being with whoever they're threatened by.. and listing every single 'wrong' thing you've done to them in 5 minutes.

If you've read my shit before, you know that 1 I don't like guilt-trips and 2, I never feel guilty. Idk what it is but my guilt gland must be broke or that chromosome might have paired with the wrong amino acid.. a nigga doesn't get guilty. Maybe its because I analyze my actions so much I don't give myself a chance to feel guilty... Or maybe like my ex says.. I can't ever be wrong...

I digress.

And it isn't all a man's fault, ladies. Yall know I'm quick to call yall out. I've learned that a man will treat you how ever you LET him. If he truly 'loves' you or whatever he'll treat you however he needs to in order to keep you around. Women, there's something about having a uterus that makes us want to take care of men and boys. Now, there's one gene that I DID get whether I want to admit to it or not. My mother says I have 2 of 'em. She might be right. I'm pretty frustrated with some menz in my life right now..... But for some reason its hard for me to voice it. Don't get me wrong, I do. But a nigga sure does know how to look all sad and shit when you shut him down. Now, with men it only lasts for 5 minutes (cause he's gonna want something in a minute) but its hard nonetheless.

And for the record, I'm not talking about romantic relationships. Personally, I'm talking about friendships, cousins, brothers, and my dad.

There's a mars, venus thing that has been going on for eons. I mean, between Adam and Eve, Zues and Juno, Henry the 8th and his 6 wives... Ok, Henry's a bad example... But you feel what I'm saying? Will it EVER be cured?

I think what we need to understand is that men and women are different. I might make a feminist mad... but we're not the same as men and personally, I don't want to be treated like one. I don't want to be treated any less but there are things that because I'm a woman I can't do. We need to understand that we think differently. Women think with their hearts, men think with their penises. We're both wrong cause our brains are for that... But I think once we realize that we will ALWAYS be different just because of estrogen and testosterone levels, we'll be ok.

Men, learn how to appease a woman. Kiss her on the forehead. It works. Trust me. My pops did it to my mom, My uncle did it to his sisters and My brother does it to me. Tricks me everytime.

Women, learn how to appease a man. Its waayyy easier than appeasing us. Suck is dick, make him a sandwhich, get him some Jordans... It works. And yes, I've done all 3! haaaaaaaaaaa

Yall, I'm in the library and I'm not sure what exactly is going on but well-dressed big booty black women keep walking by and smiling at me. I want to follow them and see where they going.. But.. well yea, nevermind. I want an entry that doesn't mention her!! Impossible.

Since I've already failed.. let me tell yall what "HeartBreaker" did today.. I puppy dog face her via text message talking about I wanna see her (Don't judge me) so she comes over looking SCRUPTIOUS.. the sun was shining on her shoulders and shitt... I swear if I had some sperm, I'd shoot that shit on her eggs so fast.. Yall, I've never wanted to be able to get a woman pregnant before.. a little boy with her cheeks and my eyes? I'd be nooooo good, he'd get whatever the hell he wanted out of me and have the BEST Bobbi Brownzzz ever.

I digress...

She pulled 2 stunts.. She kissed me with some lip gloss on.. She knows how I feel about lip gloss. It ain't nothin but sticky estrogen and it makes my lips gooey! And she got some on my cheek! Stunt #2? She's rockin my scarf like its hers and I don't even notice!

I'm WANT to shout-out a very special reader... but she won't let me.

Song of the Day:. "Come Close" Common (reminds me of you... we gonna sit on the floor and listen to it..)


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